Kickstarting E3: Not the Time

Sony couldn't have picked a more inappropriate time to ask for money to fund Shenmue 3.

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d_g1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

i hope sony will take shenmue 3 and develop it with their money

i don't think kickstart will make Shenmue 3 good as previous Shenmue games (2 million is not enough)

Gority1264d ago

Sony asked for money FOR Yu Suzuki, not money for Sony. Did they use it as a PR move? Absolutely, but they aren't begging for themselves.

Nonscpo1264d ago

They should have asked for 10 million instead of 2, but I hope that these crowdfunding announcements become the norm at E3 from now on. That way any crazy idea can be tested and more franchises can be saved.

yewles11264d ago

"Sony couldn't have picked a more inappropriate time to ask for money to fund Shenmue 3."

They didn't...

Nyxus1263d ago

Exactly. Straight from the Kickstarter page:

"It is also important to note that your funds are going strictly to Ys Net for development of Shenmue 3 – Sony and Shibuya Productions are not seeing a cent of your Kickstarter dollars."

So can we stop this now?

Blaze9291263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I don't see how people are defending this practice lol. You don't understand that what we consumers allow these corporations to do, they and others will follow.

So when we start seeing kickstarters for more and more games pop up and hell, maybe even the next console - don't complain then.

Less money they have to spend, the better.

Christopher1263d ago

Slippery slope argument in full effect.

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