Bacon Man is Heading to the Xbox One in the Near Future

Nick Calandara writes: ""The game will follow the story of, you guessed it, Bacon Man, as he works his way through the world of Nomround to clear his name from a crime he didn't commit. As Bacon Man, you'll be fighting through numerous different food groups to confront the Food Kings, the evil (food?) that framed you for killing King Roast Beef. The story sounds totally cliche, but the fact that you're fighting food makes it sound incredibly entertaining, or should I say delicious?"

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Godz Kastro1213d ago

HAHAHAHA... About time, bacon goes good with everything. Why not games. Ill take an extra side please.

Phil, y u no show bacon man at e3....shame on u

lolosgolos1213d ago

Shame on you Phil Lol, Bacon man GOTY 2015

gangsta_red1213d ago

Lol, I guess!

Good to see more games announced through the [email protected] program.

Immorals1213d ago

This is something I can get behind. Let's hope it's smokes competition ;)

WizzroSupreme1213d ago

Bacon Man? This is a thing? Count me in.

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