Survival Horror One Final Breath Returns to Kickstarter For PS4 & Xbox One Release

Serena Nelson writes: "Just in case you're not aware of what One Final Breath is, you're playing as a father who's gone searching for his missing daughter. She's last been seen around the St. Mary's boarding school so he goes off to try to find her. What he finds inside is not exactly what he expects. Remember, this is a horror game and the school used to be an institute housing the mentally unstable.

You're armed with nothing but your wits, a flashlight, and your cell phone. There are no weapons to be had so you're forced to run and hide everywhere in the hospital-slash-school if you want to survive the night. You'll be spending as much time solving the mystery of the place in One Final Breath as you will be searching for your daughter."

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TheSuperior 1238d ago

I didnt hear of this game until now. It sounds interesting though. Maybe Ill check it out

Insomnia_841238d ago

Let's see if those making drama about that other kickstarter will say something now.

cfc781238d ago

Looks pretty good you'll find alpha demo footage on youtube for those who want to check it out.

DevilOgreFish1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

If they take cues from PT it could turn out to be a very good game.

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