TGA's The Geek Life Eps 17 Was Shenmue 3 Kickstarter a Scam from Sony?

The Guys At TGA talk about Spiderman and Sony's Shenmue 3 Play

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Ron_Danger2082d ago

To help answer that flame bait article title:

Spotie2082d ago

How is it a scam? How could it be a scam?

"Hey, gamers! Yu Suzuki wants to make Shenmue III, but he's gonna need help. He'll need our help for marketing, but in order for our bosses to allow that, he'll need YOUR help in showing how much the game is really wanted! Whether this game is made or not is in your hands!"

That's the gist of this. But, somehow, people have gotten it in their heads that this is a Sony project- it's not- and they're MAKING people pay for the development- they're not. It bugs me how many people desire to see the game not get made because they're being ignorant fanboys.

thegamingadvisory212079d ago

Well Sony is funding the project and the game is being made. First not an article a podcast valid points a given and the Kickstarte was a test to see who wanted the game, but did they really need to do that with so many ppl online saying the want the game and so many petitions online to bring the game back. I understand y they did it but was it necessary?