Fallout Shelter Shows Us Exactly How Stupid The Mobile Gaming Industry Is [eGamer]

Quote: "During the Bethesda conference where they made me fangirl out of my chair because of Fallout 4, they interrupted their presentation to show us a new mobile game they developed. When I first heard the words “mobile game” I sighed and wanted to leave the stream until they started showing Fallout 4 again. But then they announced Fallout Shelter and Todd Howard said that you can play it offline, there’s no paywalls for building stuff and the only form of microtransaction is extra lunchboxes filled with extra loot…"

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KwietStorm1212d ago

I kinda felt the same way when he mentioned mobile, but I thought to myself, well this has to be good to interrupt Fallout 4. But I won't be able to see how good it is til it's on Android anyway.

IamTylerDurden11212d ago

I kinda felt the same way except i said "ru effing kidding? Pitching a mobile game in the middle of Fallout" and then i thought "when the fu** is the ios garbage going to be done bc i could care less, take us back to Fallout 4".

I do not own an ios device and i absolutely do not play mobile games, i play my Vita on the go. Fallout Shelter looks cute but i could fu**ing care less. That was kinda bs on Todd's part, he's supposed to be a no bs guy, save that crap as a snippet at the end and promote it on the website. To me it was a turn off.

joeorc1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

First before I go on about mobile games, the fact that you went out of your way of all insulting the entire mobile games market and calling it "piss"/and pointing out fallout shelter as a bright light among mobile games, is being pretty freaking unfair to many other games that are on there in market if you even freaking bothered to look for them.

Example: Anti squad tactics can be completely played off line has crates that give you freebies, and just like fallout shelter you can win them without buying.

But yeah its all Piss alright/s

And the game plays very well.

There is.plenty of games on the mobile market that are like that, but calling the entire mobile market as piss is just seems pretty salty about the support The is getting.

1nsomniac1212d ago

The mobile gaming sector is the cancer of the gaming industry. Not only is it an embarrassment to the industry but it is also ruining it from the inside-out.

ginsunuva1212d ago

As opposed to the AAA industry whose budgets and risk are growing so high that devs have shut down left and right, and publishers are infecting everything with unfinished releases, preorder DLC, timed exclusivity, and other BS.

Mobile isn't killing thr gaming industry. The gaming industry is committing suicide.

diesoft1212d ago

There are always exceptions but you have to be kidding defending the mobile market like it's all fine. The normal free-to-play game is about waiting not playing. I spend way more time waiting to do more actions than I do actually DOING the actions...unless I pay for it (which I won't do).

Not only is the practice itself gross but the THEMES repeat themselves too often. Since touch gaming lends itself to less action-oriented games and more strategy-oriented gaming then we've seen the build-this-for-awhile and wait-to-make-more-of-that-for- awhile mechanic repeat itself so f***ing often that I honestly can't take another one. Sword King Clash of Sorcery Park with Clans. Just take two of those words and make the some boring game and you've got another free-to-play winner.

It's piss alright. It will last longer because of fans who defend the same practice that's hurting mobile gaming. The same fans who pay developers money for gems so they can do "action x" a little sooner, ultimately validating the whole practice. It's more than okay to say the industry is garbage even with a few stand-outs in the crowd.

joeorc1212d ago


How so is it ruining the game market from the inside out? For instance Rockstar games released GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas and now more people than ever can play those games. Again how is that embarrassment or is a cancer to the game industry?

If any thing its growing the game industry.

And more mobile device games are being supported with native game pad support, so again making gaming cheaper vector point for quality games like GTA for instance is some how a cancer to gaming?

Gamers to day have a weird way of looking at growth of our hobby.

diesoft1212d ago

Nobody's talking about GTA games being a cancer. Those are full release games (btw, PORTS of existing games). The excessive use of free-to-play is the cancer! The MAJORITY of mobile gaming tends to bend towards free-to-play mechanics and it's just tiresome. Do action X, wait 13 hours unless you spend real money. Gets boring and grates on nerves QUICK. You know, the direct opposite of what fun games should be.

IamTylerDurden11212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Stop. Just stop it. Omfg. This is a GAMING site dedicated to gaming, the vast majority are not casuals who love mobile gaming, mobile gaming is terrible as a whole. The percentage of good legit games to exploitation garbage is probably 10 to 1. Major devs have taken resources that typically would've gone to real console and pc game production and thrown it into the greed stricken land of fuddy-duddy mobile gaming. It's killing Japans console market and u defend this trash. Go elsewhere homie.

There are some good mobile games i'm told but as a whole the industry is a cesspool. So what gta 3 is on mobile, i can play gta on Vita or on PS4 ect. Mobile gaming is good for casuals, kids, and greedy devs mostly, yes it gives the occasional small creative ppl an outlet to make games they normally might not have, but that's hardly enough to justify the entire industry.

Forgotten Memories will be so much better on Vita with sticks, Bioshock sucked on ios, ppl get to play these garbage watered-down versions of awesome games, wth good is that?

Ramser121212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

I played the game for 1 hour then I got bored. Haven't touched it since

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