Apparently, Destiny players are 'used to paying a premium' for downloadable content

GameZone: "Gamers upset with how Activision and Bungie are handling Destiny's add-on content have no one to blame but themselves. After all, you all enabled it."

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Death1214d ago

Just when you didn't think it could get worse...

RealFry1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I didn't even know the expansions cut out, I thought all the expansions where covered under the seasons pass. A friend of mine bought the game and season pass day one, but I turned the game down after the beta. What a bunch of b.s. It's same reason I'm waiting for GOTY version of Batman, It seems like the only people who know how to do DLC and fan service are CD Project Red.

Just look at what they include for the standard vanilla game without even up-charging for it: Then there's EA who wants to charge $10 extra for a limted edition of Battlefront that has exclusive emotes...whatever that is. When really they just took the pre-order bonuses they would have given for the base game and made it exclusive to the LE, lol.