Someone Wants To Bring Back Commandos via Sketchy Kickstarter Campaign

Marcus Estrada writes: "The Commandos series is pretty darn excellent. Starting with Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines in 1998 and followed by two numbered sequels, these tactical stealth games drew a huge fanbase. It only makes sense that folks would want to recapture the fun of playing with a brand new Commandos experience. Some developers have attempted as much by creating their own new franchises. Unfortunately, that's not what the person running a Kickstarter titled "Commandos PC Game - REBOOT" is doing. Instead, they're hoping to capitalize off Pyro Studios' existing brand 100%."


Weekend PC Deals: 6 Games For A Buck Or A Free Game

GG3 rounds up some interesting deals for this weekend, that can get you through another week or two for just a few bucks. From half a dozen quality classics for a buck to a game that's absolutely free; there is plenty of choice for all takers.

porkChop4054d ago

The coupon for the free game, Rawbots, has already expired.

Daavpuke4054d ago

That's unfortunate, but I can't unfortunately approve stories completely. So, the time the community takes to approve can sometimes be critical when it comes to time sensitive content. I hope some will still have gotten to it in time.

aztechrome4054d ago

Yep. Only a couple hours later, the coupon code doesn't work anymore.
Here's the output I got when I tried to take advantage of this deal:


Oops! Something went wrong!


The coupon code you entered has expired.

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Commandos 4 Spotted, Again

A second listing in three days has been spotted for Commandos 4, an unannounced title in the franchise.

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mjolliffe5117d ago

I expect it will.

But then again, if it's an FPS like Commandos: Strike Force was, then I wouldn't be surprised if they go for the console alone :)

movements5117d ago

Well I only game on consoles, no problem for me : )

FunksoBro5117d ago

yes please! i loved the original commandos and played commandes 2 to death, but i dont know why they messed up number 3. hopefully theyll get it right this time.

Towers765117d ago

I hope this rumor is true because I really liked the first Commandos game quite a bit. It would be nice to see the series comeback.

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Rumour: Commandos 4 Coming To PS3, Xbox 360

The Commandos series has done pretty well since it's first appearance back in 1998 for the PC. Now, the World War II franchise could be heading to PS3 and Xbox 360.

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2late5119d ago

commandos 4 ... on consoles? And not on the PC? What kind of blasphemy is this?

But then again if it's anything like strike force they can keep it

Raf1k15119d ago (Edited 5119d ago )

It'll be on PC too but this is kind of making me think it'll be another game like Strike Force.

I want a proper Commandos game like the first one and it needs to be just as hard but with multiple ways to complete the missions. The problem I had with Commandos games was that they were all just trial and error and there only seemed to be one way through each mission.

LordMarius5119d ago

the industry doesnt care about your PC

SpaceSquirrel5119d ago

I think it will be on the PC eventually.

movements5119d ago

And the consoles say: Welcome!

Hellsvacancy5119d ago (Edited 5119d ago )

I agree

I played a Commados games years ago on my laptop, it was fun, id welcome a console version

I dont think theyll leave out the PC crowd though, wots Cops?

pixelsword5119d ago

...but I'll look out for it if I can remember, though.

mjolliffe5119d ago

Loved the series on PC, so I'll welcome this to consoles!