Sony Explains What Went Wrong With Driveclub

Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo spoke with Sony president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida last week about a range of topics. Eventually, Driveclub came up.

“We are very embarrassed,” said Yoshida, “and we are sorry for that.”

-Foxtrot3082d ago

In my opinion they should of created a Kart racing game taking inspiration from Crash Team Racing and leave the whole realistic graphic thing to GT7.

MightyNoX3082d ago

An unfortunate relic from their days chasing Microsoft (Killzone for Halo, Driveclub for Forza).

Sony should realize there is only one king of all racing sims...and that's GT.

Nirvana315913082d ago

Driveclub is still better than Forza

EvilWay3082d ago

I think Forza is king of simulation racing. Forza is a more realistic experience while GT is to a point it also lacks physics, also the driving is little Arcadey

nX3082d ago

^Forza feels way more arcadey than GT, sorry but your comment is nonsense. Also it looks more cartooney as well, I don't get what people like about Forza so much.

GameSpawn3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

"I don't get what people like about Forza so much."

It's only on Xbox.

GT lacks physics? You are kidding right? Arcadey? Yeah...I don't think you've played the same Gran Turismo that everyone else has.

SonofGod3082d ago

^^ It's common knowledge that Forza has better tire Physics than GT (Look up Calspan, Turn10 have worked with them for years now).

Also GT cars sounds like vacuum cleaners and they use old modeled cars from PS2 era.

GT used to be more realistic, but not after Forza 4.

Sevir3081d ago

Driveclub is in no way chasing Forza. It's it's own franchise! Grab Turismo is the answer to Forza and its existed since PS1... Driveclub is a great game that isn't trying to be Forza... And let's be honest it's hands down the better looking game.

remixx1163081d ago

Your comment just vomits pure stupid for some reason......no offense, how is DC chasing forza, DC is an arcade racer and nothing else while forza is chasing GT. Just like tomb raider is chasing uncharted.

Though I believe Sony did say killzone was its answer for halo.........I think they fell short, except for killzone 2 that is.

Kal0psia3081d ago

The recent GT went totally unoticed, like they handled it terribly. If anything that explain this debalce is over promised and under delivered. Simple.

Sitdown3081d ago

What do you mean when you say chasing? Because Tomb Raider was around before Unchartered or are you speaking in sales, graphics, gameplay, etc?

kraenk123081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Everyone saying Forza 5 has superior driving or tire physics to GT6 hasn't played both games or driven a car!

Rookie_Monster3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Reading these comments gives me a headache. People actually believe DC is better than Forza when it totally bombed in reviews while both Forza series are critically acclaimed. Then they go around and play the score card when Uncharted scores great and downplay Tomb Raider. You people are something else. These are the same people that actually defended PS Now against the BC of the XB1. Go figure. LoL

DC suck and it is not getting a sequel, you people really need to live in the real world .

Minimox163081d ago

um correct me if I wrong but I think that even gran turismo 6 sold more than Forza 5 or FH2. that weird to be a "totally unotice"

I think he its referring to new Tomb raider

donthate3081d ago

So it turns out it was incompetence from Sony. You would think that for a company that does streaming games that they know networking, but I guess after being hacked in one of the largest data loss in history I can't expect much else. Explains also why their flagship game KillZone: Shadowfall had essentially P2P (after the initital handshake).

Straight from the horses mouth:

"The stress-testing was not designed correctly. So it was the oversight. So the team had to go back to the drawing board in terms of server code. And they have been re-factoring and re-engineering server-side to be able to have more people play the game at the same time.”

It is amazing that it took Sony over a year to fix this. Is it going to crash again?

My money is on Sony not wanting to give it to you until they did all the selling they could. They are reneging on their promise!

I am upset, and if you are a PS+ member so should you!

Crimzon3081d ago

Honestly I think the best thing Evolution Studios could have done is give us all an open world Motorstorm game instead of DriveClub.

Motorstorm Apocalypse wasn't particularly great, but if they had followed the second Motorstorm game and crafted something set on an island where you can freeroam from location to location and race anywhere and everywhere, it would have been fantastic.

I can just imagine the E3 presentation now, "You see that Volcano in the distance? You can race down the side of it as it erupts" :)

kayoss3081d ago

So far GT have yet to come out for the PS4. Let wait and see how the physics compare to Forza for the xbox one. You cant compare xb1 forza to PS3 GT.

subtenko3081d ago

MOTORSTORM > All you sissys! Evo!!! Us lunatics waiting on the next storm! :D

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3-4-53082d ago

* Guys, just because Drive Club is bad, doesn't mean PS4 sucks now.

You can stop with the Forza bashing.

Anybody who is a truth teller will admit that Forza is the better game.

Forza isn't arcadey and the only elements of arcade in them are found within the Horizon side game and not the main Forza 5,6 series.

* Grand Turismo, if it's as good as people think it can be, should be at the same level of Forza when GT7 releases.

I'd actually like to see GT7 be better than Forza 6, and I'm an XB1 owner.

I think it would help push the genre forward and a little competition is always a good thing.

Drive Club is NOT that competition though.....GT is, but it's not released yet.

Cueil3081d ago

how dare you speak with logic and desire for competition

jeromeface3081d ago

GT7 will be better... Polyphony Digital isn't rushing it out the door like what was done with forza to make the launch window. I still kinda find it funny that everyone is comparing GT6 to next gen Forza... that alone should say something about Polyphony Digital. Their last gen game competes with xb1's current gen title.

kayoss3081d ago

Remember this, when GT and Forza came out for the PS3. it was well known that GT on the PS3 was the better simulation. We have yet to see a GT on the PS4 to compare it to Forza 5 or Forza 6. If driveclub is an indication to what the PS4 potential is. You can bet that GT7 will probably exceed driveclub in all department.

modelgod3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Nothing can destroy forza, good try Sony!! It's not all about pretty graphics but rather a great overall gaming experience. Leave it to grand turismo driver club. They should dead the franchise entirety. What next? The next killzone is going to be the gears/halo/titan falls killer? Maybe if it looked as great as that amazing tech demo we saw for the ps3 version. We have racing on lock down; we have shooters on lockdown, and for the moment we have MMO's on lockdown(via Never winter and smite) so play your little no man's sky, ff7 remake, shenmue 3 (we must have forgotten the second one was trash) I'm good with scale bound, recore, gears 4, gears remake, fable legends, quantum break, and cuphead, and rise of the tomb raider. Oh sorry, I forgot about drakes and street fighter 5.

kayoss3080d ago

The saltiness in this one is strong. The only thing you have locked down is 10months of nothingness. It's funny how the holiday almost here and guys like you start raising your banner claiming victory when in reality youve been in the basement hibernating.

ThichQuangDuck3082d ago

"Forza Killer"

Hahhahahahaahahhahahaha vg 24/7 with the horrible quotes

FallenAngel19843082d ago

Well Driveclub did outsell Forza Horizon 2 despite its issues

ChronoJoe3082d ago

Yup but the PS4 outsold the XBOX ONE almost two fold, so those sales don't really reflect a more popular game. Driveclub just had a larger audience.

That said, I like Driveclub a lot.

Rimeskeem3082d ago


Actually, since Forza already has a large fanbase I would think that even if the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One 2:1 that Forza would at least sell as much if not more than DriveClub due to it's award winning predecessors and such.

That being said they are both great racing games.

Zepherite3082d ago

@d_g don't do backing up your opinion with evidence thing... it doesn't down well around here.

You've got to throw around loads of rhetoric and pass of your opinion as fact.

3-4-53082d ago

@ FallenAngel1984 -Yea a lot of people bought into the hype and found out they didn't like it and returned it.

I know of 3 people that did that, and then they played Forza Horizon 2 and were annoyed that they had to wait for Grand Turismo 7 for a good driving game.

* This gen, Sony has all the hype, so they get the hype sales on nearly every game at some level.

Sony PS4 will get the "impulse" buys because of the hype surrounding PS4. It's not a bad thing or good thing, it just is what is happening.

Total number of sales does NOT = Quality of product.

-shoryuken-3082d ago

@ d_g : Not really fair to look at the ratings in this case as we all know that DriveClub had huge issues when it first released and it is now a completely different game. I never played it in that state but I've heard all about it. I bought the game a few months back and the game is amazing. Very good balance of sim and arcade gameplay and it looks fantastic. I'm sure Forza Horizon 2 is a lot of fun as well.