Sony's PS4 may have won E3, but Microsoft's Xbox One is going to win 2015

Microsoft started things off on Monday, June 15 with some major announcements and a slew of release dates for games they are releasing in 2015. Sony, on the other hand, made enormous announcements that pretty much all concerned games fans wanted to see badly. Sony and the PS4 made the most noise at E3, that is certain; however, people seem to be forgetting one of the only Fall 2015 games the PS4 has is the Uncharted remaster.

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tinynuggins1216d ago

I don't think Sony won e3. They both had great shows though but I do wish sony had more in 2015. Their 2016 is looking pretty solid though.

Neonridr1216d ago

they have some amazing titles in 2016 that I am so looking forward to playing. Horizon and UC4 will definitely be highs for me. Glad I can play through the Uncharted Trilogy this fall to get me all caught up in time.

Plenty of 3rd party support though, to help weather the storm of a possible less than stellar exclusive lineup for Sony during the fall/holiday of 2015.

RuleNumber51216d ago

Yeah I agree. I do think 2016 could be an epic year for Sony. With UC4, Horizon, The Last Guardian and a lot more coming, next year will be a big one for them.

Neonridr1216d ago

I wouldn't hold my breath for a 2016 Last Guardian release date.. lol

thekhurg1216d ago

These same articles appear every single year after E3.

It's almost like Microsoft hires people to write them.

Sevir1216d ago

Who cares about the first 8 months of releases... Sony's had and still have plenty. MS has Forza, Two remasters, Halo and Tomb Raider and a free to play.

It's cool that MS's Fall lineup is great but hardly a winner.

I'm not going to do the listing wars because I honestly hate it. Both have Great line ups for This fall. And 2016 for both looks strong.

Scalebound, Gears 4, Crackdown, and ReCore, look great...

Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank, Street Fighter 5, Horizon, The Last Guardian look impressive. And we know both will be announcing more in the coming months.

DivoJones1216d ago

Sevir: Compare that to Playstation's fall lineup.. which is.. what exactly?

Utalkin2me1216d ago


Then compare spring and summer lineup..which is?

Cupid_Viper_31216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Lol, These articles are so comical, and I don't take them seriously anymore.

Fun Fact: So far this year, the Xbox One has yet to sell 2 million consoles. Yes, as in, 6 months in and at $350, it has yet to sell 2 million consoles. Another fun fact, even according to VGchartz bloated numbers, from January to March of this year the XBox sold about 1.2 million units. Add another 287,000 units (187,000 for US according to NPD plus 100,000 from Europe) and the total up to April is about 1.5 million units.

Let's assume that they've somehow sold another 450,000 units for May and June conbined, globally, that brings up to grand total of 1.95 million units of Xbox One sold so far this year.

Meanwhile, back in January Sony announced that the PS4 was sitting at 18.5 million. End of March they announced that the install base was now 22.3 million, which shows that the PS4 is averaging 1.2 million units sold per month. 1.2 times 6 (January til June) and you're looking at a comfortable 7.2 Million PS4 sold this year already. Which falls in line with Sony's forecast of 14 million PS4s for the year.

In other words, as we speak right now, Sony has already sold more PS4s so far than MS will sell Xbox Ones this year. (If Microsoft can somehow sell 5 million Xbox ones this holiday season, which I don't think they will) Microsoft would need to sell about 850,000 consoles per month from July onwards in order to sell 7 million consoles year.

If 2015 consist of 3 months only, and only counts in the US, then yes, I think MS has this in the bag. But you see, a year is 12 months and the PS4 and Xbox One are supposed to be global products.

Winning.....They certainly are NOT doing that.

Pleasing their loyal fans, THAT they seem to be doing a good job at.

Letthewookiewin1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

There is no shortage of games on PS4 and with all the promotional deals they're going to have with third parties it will keep up just fine. I walk into Best Buy and there is Battlefront marketing everywhere, just wait till they put out their COD marketing as well. Also apparently people missed the articles with a list of 50 or so exclusive's still to come this year. Sony has plenty of AAA third party support (the most). Also, PS4 has been out selling X1 so far this year(ya X1 won a month I think) so I don't know how MS will actually "win anything". It's all just a bunch of die hard Xboys spreading crap, hoping Sony doesn't sell anymore so their boxes will catch up in sales. Well guys... Just get a PS4 already you know you want too.

PS: I love how that article from Gear Nuke about Batman:AK being 900p on X1 got pulled from the main page yesterday. Trying to hide it hmmm? Here it is.

Neonridr1216d ago

Letthewookiewin - yes but Call of Duty and Battlefront will still release for the XB1. PS4 owners still bought the last couple of Call of Duty's and Battlefields even though MS had marketing rights and DLC..

alb18991216d ago

Horizon and the Last Guardian has not date

nX1216d ago

I don't get the criticism for Sony's 2015 lineup. Due to MGS5, Fallout 4, Battlefront, Persona 5 and No Man's Sky I wouldn't even have much time to enjoy anything else, from my point of view it's actually good that Uncharted has been pushed back. I will appreciate it much more during the slow spring months while the developers have more time to polish their game.
Win/Win, or not?

jb2271216d ago

That's true about a less recognized first party lineup for the PS4 during the holidays but 'winning' is a relative term.

If you base it on the critical reception of the exclusives, Halo & RotTR have their work cut out for them in besting Bloodborne, sitting at a 92 on metacritic.

If you base it on hardware sales, MS would have to pull off a miracle to overtake Sonys lead in console sales.

If you base it on software sales, again Sonys console sales lead factors huge into this, it's much harder for games to sell high numbers w/ around half of the console sales of the competitors.

I honestly don't see MS "winning" 2015 based off of those long shots, but it would be feasible for 2016 if Sony didn't have so many great titles announced. I only see the gap getting wider. I honestly think that what we are seeing is a truer representation of what we would've seen last gen, had Sony not launched at such a high price & had MS nat shipped out millions of broken consoles to their consumers that eventually warranted a repurchase.

Cupid_Viper_31216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


The way I see it, unless something dramatic I don't see the XBOX One even reaching 50 million unit install base by the time this gen is over. (assuming this gen lasts 5-6 years total)

In 5 months, both Systems will be 2 years old with the PS4 already at 30 million units sold. Meanwhile the Xbox One will be at 15 million having already Seen 2 Halo games and 3 Forza games, one Fable game and Gears of War remastered. This list entails pretty much what the Xbox brand is known for as far as proven exclusive IPs, and still they're so far behind. So already at year 2, I don't see them selling 40 million more consoles in the next 3-4 years.

Now I firmly believe that part of the reason why the adoption rate is this way is not Only because people have had a bad taste in their mouths regarding RROD and everything else MS tried to pull at the Xbox One's reveal. I also believe that RROD hugely inflated the total sales figures for Xbox 360 last gen. The supposed 80 million 360 gamers from last gen is actually much closer to 60 million gamers in reality, if not less.

This would explain why it seems that out of the gate, with the XBOX One, MS surrendered the rest of EUROPE and the rest of the world to SONY and focused almost entirely on the US and UK market. If the PS3 and Xbox 360 really were neck and neck at the end of last gen like the numbers suggest, Then why would MS choose to willingly concede all the other markets except for the UK and US? Wouldn't that be the perfect time to broaden the reach of your brand?

I hypothesize that it is because in reality, they knew that even after a year head start, and being much cheaper than the PS3, that there really wasn't anywhere near 80 million Xbox 360s sitting in 80 millions homes on this planet we call Earth.

It seems that with the Xbox one, they tried to focus on their biggest markets and trim the extra fat. Which is what a company does when it is restructuring but not when expanding.

All the DRM rules, the "always on kinect", the "can't borrow games, or sell used games". All of it seemed aimed at squeezing every single last ounce of dollars they could out of whatever install base they could realistically muster up.

So I'll wager that 45 million is the max the install base of the Xbox one will reach this gen.

Kingdomcome2471216d ago

@Sevir- don't forget Ion, Quantum Break, and Sea of Thieves. Next year looks stellar for gaming in general. We could have two back to back amazing years.

raggy-rocket1216d ago

"These same articles appear every single year after E3.

It's almost like Microsoft hires people to write them"

True, lucky that the endless 'sony won'articles are just fine and both netural AND factual. Hail sony.

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BallsEye1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Sony won e3? They gotta be kidding me...all the games except horizon, that we've seen yearly at every e3. On top of that all of them come out 2015 and beyond. Still no ps+ driveclub edition that was promised to be released 2 years ago. THere was literally NOTHING exciting at their pres. Embarrasing crowd funding for Shenmue, last guardian that we've seen for few years already, still looks the same. They probably showed same ps3 code juust to save the show. MS crushed them with plenty of AAA titles that come out this year, a pro controler, backwards compatibility, xbox one integration with oculus and hololens. Surprise games that actually appeared in marketplace DURING the press conference, ready to download, free. So again, how did sony win? How you gus can be so blind?

Thatguy-3101216d ago

"Plenty of AAA titles" that we already knew about -_- MS big announcement was just BC. No games from Microsoft stole the show so sorry to break it to you dude.

spicelicka1216d ago

On top of that MS pulled Quantum break, Scalebound, and Crackdown 3 for Gamescom, it was almost handicapped in Sony's favor.

Although Uncharted looked amazing and I think Horizon was probably the best game reveal of all of E3, I think Sony didn't do anything else other than exploit people's nostalgia.

OUROSMAG1216d ago

Obvious agenda is obvious.

Utalkin2me1216d ago

I mean if you guys think that MS won E3 then you should be happy with that and move on. I didn't even watch MS conference cause i could care less what they show. Sony knocked it out of the park for me. And im not going to come on here and try to preach about who won what. I was happy with Sony's conference and i cant wait.

Cupid_Viper_31216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

@ Spicelicka

"I think Sony didn't do anything else other than exploit people's nostalgia."

I still can't come to terms with this line you guys keep falling back on.

So Microsoft announced "BC" <<<The ability to play OLDER GAMES!!!<<<<< But it is Sony who exploited people's nostalgia?

Let me get this straight, SONY announces 1 older game in FF7, yet MS announces HUNDREDS of older games being compatible with the XBox One, and it's SONY who are exploiting people's nostalgia?

I can't even.... wrap my head around that.

OB1Biker1216d ago

Well said. So many 'preachers' around the Internet. They don't even know what they mean by 'winning'
Happy gaming guys

NerdStalker1216d ago

Ballseye if Microsoft didn't show anything you would still defend them and say they won and if Sony showed everything you'd still say they lost. Microsoft had a good showing I admit but a very predictable showing. You can say what you want about crowd funding Shenmue, were getting it and your not. Shenmue is a game a lot of people love and have waited a long time for, so that announcement was the biggest of e3 for lots of people. As far as I was aware tomb raider was the best thing ms showed and is coming to ps next year. There other big game was fallout, guess what fallout is on playstation as well with the free mods which was the big buzz of ms show, you talk as if these games are exclusive to ms xbox one, just shows how your fanboyism blinds you.

Your boasting on about backwards compatibility , yes a good feature, however that's not why people buy a next gen console, only if there's no games to play is that relevant and ms hasn't released much this year so I guess that explains why your so excited about that.

I almost guarantee you some of those exclusives will be pushed unitil next year you say are coming to xbox one this year, too many good multi platform titles will over shadow them anyway. sorry to burst you bubble.

spicelicka1216d ago


What? BC was announced as a feature, and they didn't "announce" hundreds of older games. They just incorporated a feature that should've been there for both systems since the beginning.

Sony's 3 big games Final fantasy, Shenmue 3, and Last guardian all play off people's nostalgia, and I'm not saying they're bad games.

Plus, MS announced BC along with a bunch of diverse announcements. They didn't do a great job either but excluding 3 exclusives, but they have a lot more games to show if you count them.

reallyNow1216d ago

"promised to be released 2 years ago" wut.

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Godmars2901216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

They both had good shows and MS gave reason to buy an XB0 this year over a PS4, but only if you were already a fan of their franchises. Unless they have some honest surprises come 2016, while somehow expecting Sony to stay stagnant, they're not going to keep whatever momentum they hoped to gain with this E3.

RpgSama1216d ago

That's definitely true and I can add that if you were already a fan of their franchises, you could've already bought an Xbox One, considering last year we also got a Halo and a Forza game. Microsoft will again win November and December this year (Only US and maybe UK too), but that's it, those are the 2 months of the year they care, and they will get them.

RpgSama1216d ago

And by 2015, they mean the last 2 months of the year, November and December only in the US and UK?, right??, then yes, Microsoft will Definitely win 2015.


joab7771216d ago

Doesn't bother me at all. BB dlc, Persona 5, Uncharted for anyone who hasn't played it. Oh, and a few other multiplats running quite well like MGS5, Battlefront, Fallout 4, CoD, etc. etc. And then 2016. Sony lost last holiday but then 2015 kicked in w/ The Order and BB.

MastaMold1216d ago

MS & Sony had a great showing @ E3 my only problem with MS is that they showed games coming out by the end of this year Halo 5 is a must buy I might get Forza 6 and another must buy is Gears of War ultimate edition and I'm excited cause I now have an Xbox One for about a month now. But I knew most of these games were coming this year so I was waiting for MS to show me new AAA ip's.

Now Sony showed some new AAA ip's that made very excited and I feel that the PS4 is more future proof then the Xbox One and just because Sony has little exclusive this holiday compared to MS all third party games coming out the rest of the year I'm getting on PS4 so there is more than enough to play on both console's. Sony just seems more planned for the future than MS just my opinion.

Sent from my Xperia Z2 Tablet

Kingdomcome2471216d ago

People seem to forget that they announced three new IPs in ReCore, Ion, and Sea of Thieves. It also looks like they are launching a lot of their games next Spring, which will be a refreshing change of pace.

Pogmathoin1216d ago

Here we go again. There is no science to this. Depending on what side of the fence your on, your side won.... even if they did not show up... they still won.... nothing factual involoved... people will never accept the other side..... my own opinion.... they both won.... they both had something that blew it out of the park......

miyamoto1216d ago

According to many gamers FFVII Remake showing alone won E3 for Sony PlayStation

PS4 is way out of XB1s league

dreadz741216d ago

yup I agree Sony did not win E3. The tugged on peoples emotions shemmune is not even in development it in the note pad stage yet people are screaming the game is atleast 2 years away. Last guardian the showed the exact same demo they showed years ago I mean exact how long have they been making this game?Dd they give us a release date ya greatness waits yet again.FF7 is not this year either and is only a timed exclusive if this applies to TR same applies to ff7.Dreams looked cool but not this year,uncharted looked good to again not this year and going by past e3 and releases of uncharted will probably be downgraded further(hopefully not), Horizon looked fantastic again not this year. Sont continues to play smoke and mirriors and people eat it up. Ms no doubt has the stronger line up this year and have not even played all the cards yet as gamescom will show cloud and Crackdown,Scalebound and Quantum break. Ms have also said @ gamescom unannounced and new IP will be shown Sony is not even going to gamescom cause they have nothing to show..
I understand that people have a prefrence nothing wrong with that but stp being blind and mislead be A gamer first and demand content only thing sony has delivered on is there slogan that greatness awaits!!!
B4 errrybody gets mad I own a Ps4 and would love to play more than multiplats on it only thing that has stood out thus far was last of us(freakin remaster but looked great) and infamous if we are being honest here rest has been mediocre @ best ya DC,Killzone,LBP, the order im talking to you!!

Ravenheartzero1216d ago

Crackdown, scalebound and quantum break were announced years ago and still have no release date, so don't act like that's one sided.

MS having the stronger line up is opinion, Tomb raider is timed. Playstation has more games coming out than X1 for the rest of this year.

Uncharted collection, until dawn, tearaway unfolded, Dragon quest heroes, Tales of zestiria, J stars. Disgaea 5. Planetside 2 just released.

Sony are playing this smart, a lot of great looking third party releases this holiday will be the main focus for gamers, which they have marketing rights for the biggest ones.

Everyone will have a great holiday this year for something to play, but there seems to be a vibe that X1 is going to make history and gain a lot of ground on PS and it's not going to happen. Get your expectations in order.

Kingdomcome2471216d ago

@Ravenheart- Crackdown and Scalebound both were announced at last year's E3. Not years ago.

Cuzzo631216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

It's obvious the Microsoft pulled out all of their guns this E3. Sony is lacking for 15 but we have more than enough to tide us over. I'm not worried the least bit. We got some new things coming and I think it's worth the wait. Like everyone said MS pretty much gave everybody what they knew was coming. Sony had the WOW factor. And to think next year will be even more epic. GOW, word on TLOU, and who knows. Now that FFVII remake is known who knows what other secrets they are with holding.

WelkinCole1216d ago

I am pretty sure The Order, Bloodborne and MLB the show was released in 15.

reallyNow1216d ago

theres a lot of really good games still coming to PS4 in 2015, and a lot already have came out. I can't keep up.

Cuzzo631216d ago

So that's y I get a down vote. For not mentioning the order, bloodborne and MLB the show. Even Ps fans get hate from the ps fancies too. Smh. Well let me switch it up...

Microsoft showed games that will be out by THIS holiday season. Sony's big guns won't come till 16. Other the The Order, Bloodborne, and MLB the show. Horizon and others won't come till 16 which will be a great year because we will hear not information of GOW and all the other games they didn't mention....

Was this better. Sorry I had to be more accurate but I will do better. Please don't down vote me again pleeeeease. Lmaaaao

WelkinCole1216d ago

More for 2015?. They already have more for 2015 unless you think 3 months = 12 months.

This fixation on gaming only on the holidays is kinda weird.

MysticStrummer1216d ago

"...unless you think 3 months = 12 months."

That's clearly the delusion. If they're happy with that, fine by me, but I don't pretend to understand the thought process.

avengers19781216d ago

XB1 isn't winning in sales in 2015.

alabtrosMyster1215d ago

I think the games presented by MS were mostly un-inspiring in therms of making me want to play them... I meam, most of them, I loved cuphead and I liked the whatever core pre-rendered sequence (I have no clue what the game will be)...

On the other side Sony unveiled Horizon, more UC3, Shenmue 3... FF 7 remake, etc. I mean, people were jumping up and down laughing, crying, etc.

I would say that I'd be surprised if Halo 5 had such a big impact, Gears is to be released next year and Thomb Raider is just not that interesting to a lot of people (I mean, I want it, just not nearly as much as what I really want, which is Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us 2).

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Eonjay1216d ago

In what universe does the Xbox One win 2015? The one where PS4 outsells the Xbox One 2:1 worldwide? The one where consumers actually matter? Or maybe I don't understand what you mean by win. If the Xbox One doesn't get outsold 3:1 does that count as a win?

Or is this a subjective statement about their upcoming lineup.

After all, if it is the latter, they must be losing 2015 by a wide margin so far with 0 major releases.

morganfell1216d ago

It's I wonder how they feel about their Last Guardian E3 no show prediction.?

RuleNumber51216d ago

You win some, you lose some :) I was definitely wrong about that one. Glad I was because it was great to see that game again!

Godmars2901216d ago

'Merica is the only country that matters!

star_lancer1216d ago

What country do you live in? That should be the one that matters most to you.

I live in the U.S., so I only care about U.S. games. If my console of choice does well in other countries, and because of that success many more games get released in those other countries, how in the world (no pun intended) does that help me?

Caring more about countries you don't live in (in regards to gaming) serves no purpose except fanboy bragging about games you'll never get to play.

RpgSama1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


"if my console of choice does well in other countries, and because of that success many more games get released in those other countries, how in the world (no pun intended) does that help me?"

Is the contrary, if your console of choice does well in other countries, because of that success many more games will be made for it, and more games will be released in YOUR country, you know, the U.S of A.

star_lancer1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

If you knew your gaming history, and you clearly don't, you'd know that's completely false. Companies focus on the countries where their console is doing well.

Imagine an Xbox 360 fan in Japan. He watches as the 360 easily outsells PS3 in the U.S. Of course, all that means is that developers will (and did) make more games for the U.S. market. Xbox 360's success in other countries did nothing for that gamer as far fewer titles were released in Japan, where 360 did poorly.

"if your console of choice does well in other countries, because of that success many more games will be made for it"

Yes, more games will get released, but those games will only get released in countries where they will sell better. My point still stands.

RpgSama1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


You're looking at it wrong, if your console of choice does moderately well to good in every region where it's released it will only help every gamer in every region, because if your xbox one would be selling well in Japan Square Enix maybe would've announced Nier 2, World Of FF, STAR OCEAN: INTEGRITY AND FAITHLESSNESS and PROJECT SETSUNA for the Xbox One too, just to name one developer, games that are coming not only to Japan but to the U.S too.

Maybe to you those games are not appealing, but to me they are, and I'm going to guess that to a lot other people too.

I don't see it going the other way around with games being announced and released on the Xbox One but not the Ps4 if you remove first party exclusives from the equation.

Sorry, but your point does NOT stand.

P.s: Salty much?

MysticStrummer1216d ago

"What country do you live in? That should be the one that matters most to you."

Backward thinking for the loss.

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morganfell1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

That article is for Amazon UK so you might be interested in this. Be aware it is going to hurt so dont hate:

morganfell1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


You are going to lose this one too. You think people only care about Gears 1, HALO, and Forza. You act as if Sony has only 1 notable game coming this year. You also do not properly account for the fact Sony has locked up the marketing rights on the two biggest sellers this fall. And with Star Wars hitting theaters this year Sony is going to reap the rewards of all that free marketing.


It isn't a bragging point. It is a sales fact. Tossing out your angst doesn't change one bit the impact it will have.

You seem to forget the discussion started on N4G in the days when all people did was push out one "PS3 is doomed" article after another and 360 fans were screaming marketing rights would make a huge difference for MS.

Its all macht nichts anyway because your angry rubber band launcher doesn't alter one iota the marketing asteroid headed toward you or the planet sized hole that having both those marketing packages locked will make. Enjoy.

star_lancer1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

"You also do not properly account for the fact Sony has locked up the marketing rights on the two biggest sellers this fall. And with Star Wars hitting theaters this year Sony is going to reap the rewards of all that free marketing."

I remember the days (not too long ago) when the Xbox 360 was ridiculed for securing marketing rights to third party games like COD, especially in years when 360's AAA exclusives were lighter than Sony's. Playstation fans would constantly mock MS's success because they focused so heavily on "games I can still play on my PS3". Now that Sony's heavily into third party exclusive content, it's a bragging point.

You also don't seem to consider that the biggest games this fall will be COD, Star Wars, Fallout 4, Halo 5 & Tomb Raider, and only one console can play EVERY one of them. That's a HUGE marketing advantage.

star_lancer1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I will enjoy. I'll enjoy knowing I can still play the same games on my Xbox One that Sony's paying huge marketing $$$ for. I'll also enjoy knowing that I can play Halo 5, Tomb Raider and Forza 6 as well.

Unless of course Sony is trying to fool people into believing that Star Wars and COD are PS exclusives. After all, MS was accused of doing that last generation by using asteroid sized marketing campaigns.

Enjoy playing your marketing rights.

morganfell1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Are you saying the marketing was ineffective? MS kept doing it year after year.

No one said you wouldn't enjoy the games. That isn' the point of the above article. And you won't be playing exactly the same game either. For someone that says they are happy playing the same game, you sure do try and put up a lengthy albeit ineffective defense.

JeffGUNZ1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


I have to agree with Star on one point. When MS did this stuff last gen. they got torn apart on this site. Now people think it's super smart because Sony is doing it.

I get it, people like one console more then the other, but if we keep allowing the goal posts to be moved, everyone here will continue to lose any credibility they had.

also, lets be real here. I love PS4 and X1, but the only really good game worth talking about in 2015 for sony was Bloodborne. Outside that, dull. 2016 looks much brighter.

I know, X1 hasn't had a AAA game yet, but they did release Ori and the Blind Forest which was amazing and "eh" games like screamride (not my cup of tea). Yet, 2015 has 365 days in it, so we really can't say who did better till the games come out and we get to see how they are.

uth111216d ago

Like anything else in this world

Marketing rights are great when you benefit, they suck when you don't

morganfell1216d ago

You can't put everyone in the same boat. Not every PS fan said it was wrong last gen and not every MS fan stated it was right.

That said, such comments have nothing, absolutely ZERO to do with the conversation at hand. The fact is the marketing ball is in Sony's court. You can debate if you want as to whether it will have an impact. I think that it obviously does or companies would not continue to shovel millions toward the effort. But other than that, someone complaining, "Whaaaaa! Last generation you people said blah blah blah!" Ha ha ha. I am laughing as such caterwauling has zilch, zero, nada, nechevo, null, to do with whether it makes a difference.

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NeoGamer2321216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

McDonald's sells more burgers worldwide than any other burger restaurant does that mean McDonald's is the winner over all other burger restaurant?

Consumers buying a specific console doesn't make it a winner. Wii sold more consoles last gen than any other manufacturer. Does anyone really believe the Wii was the winner last generation other than for console sales?

As for 2015 it depends what you like. If you like remasters plus Disgaea 5, Tales, Dragon Quest, and Tearaway PS4 is the winner. If you like remasters plus Halo 5, Forza Motorsports 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Fable Legends then X1 is the winner.

One thing that I don't think is subjective is that X1 has bigger brands with new content, and more diversity for the rest of 2015.

Ravenheartzero1216d ago

'one thing I don't think is subjective is the X1 has bigger brands with new content and more diversity for the rest of 2015'.

I would argue diversity.

Planetside 2 - mmo fps
J stars - brawler
Tearaway - platformer
Until dawn - horror
Uncharted collection - action adventure
Dragon quest, Tales of zestiria, disgaea 5 - RPG.

Halo a very big deal, forza I'm not to familiar with on how well that sells. Tomb raider is timed.

Sony have the pleasure of hugely anticipated games in Fallout 4 and battlefront this holiday. Make no mistake third party will rule again this holiday
With Assassin's creed and Metal gear TPP as well. Both platforms are going to sell great this holiday, but Playstation will most likely be world leader again. Should beinteresting :)

Eonjay1216d ago

The will of consumers, as determined through their purchase is the only objective means of determining a winner.

You can only compare McDonald's to other fast food restaurants with similar menus, pricing and scale; it market segment. After doing that if McDonald's is the top vendor in that category, with the most market share in terms of revenue and sales, then yes they would be the winner.

Know the difference between objective and subjective.

StrayaKNT1216d ago

Well since you don't want to count ori and state of decay, I won't count anything after bloodborne so while you guys enjoyed
the order (lol)

Xbox owners will be enjoying

Tomb raider
halo 5
gears ultimate
Rare replay
Forza 6
Fable Legends

So yeah those three games on ps4 can't even match the Xbox line up heck I'll even take rare replay over what sony has released so far this year. Im still hoping sony announces something for the end of the year though.