1UP: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion First Look Preview

Mike Nelson from 1UP writes:

"I'll be honest with you: It's hard for me to go back and play Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Sure, I played it when it first came out, and again a year later, but something about it made me, well, bored. Yes, it's a lot of fun to play as your favorite superhero team. But while it toted role-playing-game elements, it took far too much grinding to earn new costumes, stronger powers, and so forth. The beat-em-up mechanic was sound, but the level design lacked any depth (run down corridor, hit switch, and repeat), and the story is a clichéd mess of "villains trying to take over the world." So when the team behind Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion stopped by the office, I approached it with mild skepticism. Then I saw the menu screen."

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Nevers3738d ago

only cuz it had a very epic story-line and tons of chars I've always wanted to play. But for this sequel I would really like some major steps ahead in gameplay.