Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition launches tomorrow

After a lot of hard work from the team at Evolution Studios, I’m pleased to announce that we are making the Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition available to all PlayStation Plus members starting on Thursday, 25th June.

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sinncross1216d ago

Cool, look forward to giving it a go.
Glad the team has finally gotten the game back on track. It was a poor launch but at least they kept at it.

BiggCMan1216d ago

It is my favorite racing game ever. But it's not a sim game :P It's presented in a very realistic way though, from the art style, to ridiculously real graphics. But in terms of car physics, it's not simulation by any means. But either way, it's still so much fun to play. The physics are probably my favorite in any racing game, just the weight of the cars and how they feel once you truly learn the game. It's so satisfying to drive in this game. I would love to have an open world to drive in, with Driveclub's car physics.

TheRedButterfly1216d ago

@1.1 That has to be one of the most ignorant and agenda-driven statements I've seen all morning. GG

Griever1216d ago

Is it releasing in the US too? I have a US PS+ account. I am looking forward to playing this! :D It will take me a couple of days to download it though...

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yarbie10001216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

They are releasing the offline version first, and slowly rolling out the online version to ensure stable servers. That's cool, but why couldn't they have rolled out the offline version when the full version launched last yr since it was promised they would release at the same time.

Either way, glad its coming finally

tinynuggins1216d ago

It would have cut into the sales of the full version. A business decision.

thejigisup1216d ago

It also may have prompted more sales. There's no way of know bc it didn't happen. I would expect sales to increase once those that have been holding out have the plus out for a test drive.

REDGUM1216d ago

I'm no journalist but i have a theory as to why this whole ps+ thing didn't launch with the game originally......

The ps3 was free to play on & offline. To have Playstation plus you had to sign up for it to have the benefits but it was an option, you didn't need it to play online.

When the drive club team said there'd be a free version of the game to all Playstation plus subscribers i don't think they took into account that to be able to play online with tye ps4 you HAD to have Playstation plus. Hence giving the game away free to everyone who owned a ps4.

They would have lost millions straight up.

It makes sence and i dare say thats why the hold off with the free version till now some year & half later when most who would have brought it already have.

I'm not complaining at all just MAYBE shedding some light on a possible theory.

GameDev11216d ago

Guess it got leaked a day too early

I would have bet money on PS plus July and lost then cried

Eonjay1216d ago

Good man Shuhei Yoshida taking responsibility for his studios.

TwoForce1216d ago

The man can do what is best.

MasterCornholio1216d ago

Well I'll guess I have to try it out.

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The story is too old to be commented.