2K Announces New Hunter "Lennox" Available Now for Evolve

And beginning today, the price of all downloadable content characters in Evolve has been reduced.

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MercilessDMercer1214d ago

This game sounds amazing on paper, but I honestly don't know a single person playing it

Chaosdreams1214d ago

I thought this game died already?

Sir_Simba1214d ago

Ooooooooh yhhhhh.....this game.

diesoft1214d ago

Even with the reduced prices the whole dlc practice just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I just don't want to play. This doesn't feel like a game so much as an experiment to see how much we'll accept being nickel-and-dimed or in this case "dollar'd".

Yes, that's a term...that I'm making up now.