Destiny Players: Boycott The Taken King

The cost of Destiny: The Taken King has been announced and James Hobbs and others at Gameondaily think the price is extortionate. James Hobbs urges Destiny fans to vote with their wallet and not to support what he feels is an unjustifiable cost.

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Jmanzare1216d ago

We don't even know what we're buying yet. How would we know if it's worth it or not? I do agree though that $40 isn't cheap for dlc

RINGOELGRINGO1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


It's £40 NOT $40. Going on current exchange rates that makes it $63 which makes it even more ludicrous.

As for not knowing what we're getting you're right, but Luke Smith practically gives us an insight on what to expect and frankly it doesn't seem worth the money.

CorndogBurglar1216d ago

$63 is for the disc version that comes with the base Destiny game both DLC's and the new expansion. If you haven't been playing Destiny then this would be how you want to start.

But you can download only The Taken King for $40.

I know thats expensive, but it sounds like Taken King will have about twice the amount of content as the other two expansions, which is probably why it costs twice as much.

I'm considering not getting, but me and my friends have a great time playong co-op in this game. It really is its biggest strong point.



You sir are absolutely right, the DLC is $40 in the U.S.

Which also means that the UK is getting screwed over as the cost for the DLC should be roughly £25!

Asuka1216d ago

it is $40 USD. You are not taking into account fees associated Licensing and distribution which is different region to region. Hence why Australian's get shafted most of the time. It's not just the exchange rate

Mikelarry1216d ago

@ corndogburgler

"but it sounds like Taken King will have about twice the amount of content as the other two expansions, which is probably why it costs twice as much"

do not assume with destiny, that is exactly how ppl assumed there would be a raid with HOW or how ppl assumed the expansion costing £/$20 meant we got a substantial ammount of content with the expansions or even worse how ppl assumed destiny would be a great game

BattleAxe1216d ago

I stopped playing this game back in December, and it doesn't really sound like it has improved much since then.

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Septic1216d ago

Mate, 40 quid for an expansion is mad. Its the price of the standalone game! Or Witcher 3, which probably has more content in it than Destiny, the two DLC's and probably this combined!

Perjoss1216d ago

For £40 it needs to come with the same content that the base game came, I payed £40 or £45 for Destiny so paying another 40 needs similar content. 4 planets, a campaign just as long as base game, 3 new classes each with 2 subclasses, and as many strikes and raids as the main game came with, plus all the base pvp content too.

Something tells me though that we will get just a tiny fraction of what I mentioned above. I really hope they do not plan to stick with the Destiny base game for the whole 10 year contract. I'd quite like to see a Destiny 2 where they have learned from all their mistakes and just give us a good game.

ChronoJoe1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

12 story missions 1 raid 4 strikes, 6 Crucible maps and loads of weapons and armour is what you're buying, in essence. That's the core of it anyway, there will of course also be a large number of additional bounties and such to keep people busy...

I don't know if TTK is worth it, it really depends how much time you are likely to get out of this content. I still enjoy Destiny so I will probably get a good 20 hour minimum out of TTK, most likely much much more. So in that regard it might be worth £40 to me.

iceman061216d ago

According to Bungie, The Taken King is more of an expansion pack than DLC. Many in the Destiny community have taken to calling it Destiny 1.5. (and not in a negative way so much as there being more content than Destiny and still having to wait for a true sequel.)

Asuka1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

true, and yeah i replied to the wrong person lol

Crazyglues1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

@Jmanzare, -how would we know if it worth it?

It's Not, for one didn't I just give them 35 bucks for the dam season pass, which I might add all of a sudden doesn't include this, no this DLC is more, 40 bucks more...LoL -Really

It's pointless to Boycott this, as is most things in gaming, because Gamers don't get it, until it's too late.

When Call of Duty starting making a Season Pass for 50 bucks- an add-on with content no where near worth it's price, everyone said it's ridiculous- but they still bought it.

I said it would only be a matter of time before Battlefield (which never had one) followed and started doing the same stupidity.. And sure enough Premium was born and it's 50 bucks.

But the point is simple, time has already proven there is no need to fight, you will pay or you will just be called a broke ass by other silly gamers willing to pay no matter how silly it gets, and as much as gamers complain about it, they will still buy it.. and once again just like DLC it will become the norm..

This fight is, to put it into a simple title to sum it up as if it was a book it would be called, been there done that. There are no winners, only Gamers being taken to the cleaners, and in the end. Those Gamers will pay, they always do.. For those gamers who have fallen in love with the game it seems Bungie has decided to put that game behind a Pay wall.. Want more content, more you pay.

(Good luck with Destiny 2 Bungie, I for one will not be buying it nor will I buy your silly DLC, and I get the feeling it's going to be a hard sell after doing this B.S.)

dumahim1216d ago

"for one didn't I just give them 35 bucks for the dam season pass"

A) just because there's a season pass, doesn't mean you get everything for free forever. They are clear about what you get with it when you purchase it and in this case, it was the first two expansions. Also, pretty sure it isn't even called a season pass, it was an expansion pass.

smt_Nocturne1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

i don't know why people look at it this way.
ignore currency $...meaning we got 2 DLCs for 40"something" = 3 strikes + 2 raids + 10-12 missions.

from season pass we got 1 raid Crota's End "more like a strike" and other raid removed ? or turned into prison of elders ? most highlighted things in Prison of elders are fixes not dlc content + most missions are older missions but backward.not to mention useless fallen weapons or even gear.the only good thing from Season Pass is Dark Below weapons = do more dmg on hive majors"useful outside dlc content".

and Pvp in this game is super annoying and a combo of 2 things ....lag + nerf "if players keep using 1 weapon type .like auto-rifles then bungie will nerf them.That include Trail of Osiris and Iron Banner.

Now they are offering 2 strikes "1 of them is a PS exclusive meaning people will leave matchmaking when this map is picked + won't be in Nightfall/Weekly Strike" + 1 Raid and mostly old missions but you start from end.

if you're a real Destiny player you know how much they under deliver and they are asking for 40 ? really it feels like 20 for content"Raid/Missons/stri kes" and 20 for new supers. No thank you.

i Spent 2k hours on this game :x "not proud" and i'm not just Boycotting The Taken King...i'm Boycott Destiny all together.

CKPan1216d ago

I played Beta, and it's not worthy of any dim.

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MilkMan1216d ago

So you're buying the game AGAIN? I love Activision, they are masters at cutting up full games and giving it to you in little itty bitty pieces AT A PREMIUM. LMFAO. You cant make this sh*t up!

Death1216d ago

If you buy the collectors edition you are buying the game and both previous expansions again. It's a bad move by Bungie/Activision for sure. For them to try and justify it is ever worse. Bungie is quickly burning through any good will they had. If they come up with a fair price for their existing customers to get the expansion and exclusive content they will be fine. So far they haven't announced anything which is why we are seeing so much backlash.

hulk_bash19871216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

This, I've supported this game and all its dlc at their full price. But, there is a limit to how much I'm willing to pay for a piece of dlc and $40 is definitely way above that limit. Especially considering the New version with the base game and all its dlc is gonna be $60. No way in hell.

ChronoJoe1216d ago

It's interesting that people who paid $20 for the other dlc, won't pay $40 for this. I'm not criticising you, it's just interesting.

From what we know thus far, the DLC contains more than double the content of any of the individual DLCs prior, so logically if you enjoyed the $20 expansions, this seems like a very safe bet.

hulk_bash19871216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

If I pay full price for this dlc, which is still outrageous no matter how much more content there is. I would have paid over $140 to get the full experience of 1 game. That is ridiculous considering that they are able to release the base game and all its dlc for $60.

InTheLab1216d ago

I think most of us bought the season pass thinking it would be packed with content and we were wrong. Turns out, it's just the portion of the game they cut out to sell separately.

Now this doc costs even more and who knows what you're really paying for....

ChronoJoe1216d ago

I don't think that was the case at all @InTheLab, while there was evidence that the first DLC was partially integrated into the core experience, it seems quite definite that the second half was built in response to criticisms from the core game, and therefore not cut from the game in any way.

I don't believe either of the DLC packs were cut from the game honestly. Although some placeholder content did exist on the disc, the DLC content itself doesn't tie in with the core story significantly enough to suggest it would have been the 'other half of the game'.

I know people like to forward the notion that Bungie are just sitting on their hands while pushing out content that has already been built, but that just isn't how the studio or industry tend to function.

As for the remark 'who knows what you're really paying for', then wait, like everyone else? You will get to know what you're paying for in TTK, perhaps it makes more sense to wait and make your judgement before either dismissing or accepting the DLC.

For what it's worth, it seems that what we know so far is that TTK will have 4-5 strikes, 6 crucible maps, 1 raid, 2 new 'planets' (one is a moon and another a spaceship I believe), and a bounty of weapons and armour. We will see closer to launch just how much there is to all of that content, but by the sounds of it it seems to verge close to equalling the content offered by the original £60 Destiny package.


That's because the original dlc was over priced to start with.

The dlc that was £20 should have contained what this has now in the first place!

that is what a true expansion should have contained.

£40 for this expansion just hits home a lot more because as an example if you pre-ordered the Witcher 3 on psn a few months back it was also £40.

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pompombrum1216d ago

It won't happen. Looking at some of the people I play with, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. I know someone who has used his position at a company to change his and his staff's work schedule just so that he can have Tuesday off for the reset. At that level of addict, words at this point are cheap. Heck even I trash the game as much as I praise it and wouldn't commit to a boycott simply because all it will take is a close friend to buy it and I know I'd give in and buy it too.

Septic1216d ago

" I know someone who has used his position at a company to change his and his staff's work schedule just so that he can have Tuesday off for the reset."

Lmao! And I thought my friends were crazy!

ChronoJoe1216d ago

It's not that uncommon, group of guys that I play with have done the same. They work at Morrisons (it's a UK supermarket) and one of them is a shift manager, so him and his fireteam have Tuesdays off for the reset.

Personally while I still play the game, I get to things when I get to them. No rush to play the new weekly content at the very moment it launches.

bananaboats1216d ago

I still enjoy this game week after week, and have no intention of stopping.

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