Horizon Zero Dawn Scale Comparable to "Recent Open World Games", Dev Reveals More Info

Game director offers bits of new info for the PS4 exclusive.

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Grap1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

This game looks good. Very good.

Nirvana315911211d ago

I can't believe I'm saying this but GG has quickly became my favourite developer. Naughty Dog a close second

Utalkin2me1211d ago

Im sorry, I love GG. ND has constantly made great games over the course of their career. But until they put a product out with ND quality, then i can not even fathom that comment.

ChronoJoe1211d ago

That seems a little odd as there's no evidence that this will be a fantastic game, yet.

What we have seen has been very interesting, but the quality of the writing, narrative and various aspects game design that we have not been exposed to will really define this games quality.

Killzone Shadowfall was severely let down by these aspects, and while it looked promising in the initial trailers, some of the games segments were absolutely awful and the writing, and voice acting was especially poor at times.

Simply put, the studio do not have quite the same pedigree as Naughtydog, therefore I will need to see more before I'm convinced by their newest title. So far this game looks incredibly promising, but I'm not ready discard my scepticism till we've seen more of the game.

Rimeskeem1211d ago

GG is great, but better than ND? I'm sorry but no.

Killustrious1210d ago

I've loved GG since the original Killzone... but honestly, Naughty Dog is HANDS-DOWN the best developers in the gaming industry. They are constantly delivering groundbreaking experiences and proving they are the best at what they do. But GG and Sucker Punch are probably my 2nd/3rd favorite Sony owned studios.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1211d ago

Lots of hunting, progression, and rewards. That's all I want from this beautiful open world

MasterCornholio1211d ago

So like The Witcher 3 then. That's pretty big.


GameDev11211d ago

I hope the world is as big as witcher 3, cause there is so much potential for this game

With them hiring RPG developers from CD Projekt, Bioware and Bethesda I am really looking forward to this game

uth111211d ago

Haha, my first thought too :)

MilkMan1211d ago

Lets go I need a grand adventure game in my life right now!

CP_Company1211d ago

i hope so it is big,dino take a lot of place :)

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The story is too old to be commented.