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Every now and again we are treated to a gaming experience from a company that exceeds all expectations not once, but multiple times. It becomes a tale of gaming lore and legend that rapidly develops into one of those experiences that we claim will never see again. That status sums up Rocksteady’s latest and last entry into the world of Gotham and the infamous cape and cowl: Batman Arkham Knight. With success after success, Rocksteady positioned themselves as a studio that took pride in creating a quality, amazing, superhero game and inevitably became the staple for others to follow. Get ready to bring this amazing series to an operatic end and follow us through Gotham as we explore Batman Arkham Knight.

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LifeInNZ1264d ago

Agreed. I showed my kids the footage on YouTube for Batman on the Amiga 500. Back in the day I thought those visuals were eye popping.....boy have they aged. I wonder what Batman games will be like in 20 years from now.....full VR experience perhaps?