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Dealspwn writes: "J-Stars Victory VS+ is the ultimate anime and manga crossover.

Where else can Shonen Jump royalty fight with or against each other in pitched combat? Where else can Monkey D. Luffy gomu gomu no bazooka Ichigo Kurosaki through a brick wall while Gintoki Sataka drives his moped straight into Vegeta? Where else can Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and Koro-sensei gang up against Boa Hancock as Kenshiro winds up his Hundred Crack Fist?

Nowhere. J-Stars Victory VS+ is a real treat for Shonen Jump fans featuring dozens of characters both famous and obscure, but just as importantly, it's a fun and technically accomplished brawler too."

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TheImprobableMulk1214d ago

I'm not a huge fan of the Shonen Jump stuff, but I'm glad this is a good game in its own right, if only because it might convince other manga / anime publishers to create similar stuff.