One of Destiny The Taken King's quests is exclusive to Red Bull drinkers

Gamesradar: While we knew it was coming after Red Bull accidentally confirmed Destiny's The Taken King, the energy drink company has hit go on its official site, revealing an exclusive Taken King quest. The "epic, new quest" is a "never-before-seen, multistage mission in The Taken King that will test the speed and strategic abilities of Destiny players in new ways."

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Septic1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )


Because that's what fans really want...

This message was sponsored by my complete lack of enthusiasm.

Farmassy1264d ago

you just made me honestly laugh out loud

I have been done with destiny for a long time. I bought it when it came out and traded it back within a month. I am not surprised by any of the recent moves they have made with the expansion. People seem to be in an uproar about them but fail to realize that the original game wasn't what was promised. Destiny is dead

thejigisup1264d ago

I bought the dlc when i picked the collectors ed. up. I stopped playing destiny for about 5 months I'm now having a blast, though it took this most recent update to deliver a full game experience for me. Destiny isn't dead, it's just lost. I hate the wayfthugrgame is being handled especially with over priced dlc and not delivering in their promise or original vision in a timely fashion. This red bull shit is only confirming their poor practices, even if the mission sounds pretty cool. Iys a very love/hate relationship i have with destiny.

ChronoJoe1264d ago

Although it may be of little consolation, this extra mission becomes free for all 3 months after its launch.
It's still pretty lame but good to know everyone will be able to access the mission.

I imagine, the mission itself is crap in honesty. Not sure if any of you have played the additional House of Wolves missions, where make you play an existing mission in a different sequence... I'm expecting something like that rather than something that's been the result of extensive development time.

CKPan1263d ago

I got bored from its beta, never bought the game, never been happier.

kratoz12091264d ago

.... Hopefully the players see this so we can add it to the shit storm already

TLG19911264d ago

for how shit this game was in the first place, im surprised that they are putting the large dedicated fan base off the game completely with constant middle fingers to the people that have kept them in jobs for so long.

Its's getting to the point where some of these companies are getting like celebrities and they think they can do as they please and get away with it.

Grap1264d ago

Because most people are sheep, Even if I had liked the game I wouldn't accept this treatment.

TLG19911264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Very true Grap, to many sheep. COD is the perfect example. i understand people want to play with friends and that is usually a huge staying factor these days but there are so many other good games to play online with friends, things like COD and destiny and battlefield are at the bottom of my lists for multi player experiences.

i would much rather play a game of last of us online before touching a generic online shooter now.

Jdoki1264d ago

I was one of those that liked the game a lot.

But I'm done with it.

As cool as parts of this expansion look, I won't pay the high price, or put up with content locked behind marketing agreements and Collectors Editions.

Bungie are being arrogant, and Activision are being greedy.

pompombrum1264d ago

They can do what they please though. Just look at some of the people around the web defending them after their latest disaster.. they can do what they want, apologize to their fans by offering them some free lube then continually bend them over and the fans will lap it up.

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pinkyxyz1264d ago

Wtf. I just bought this games last Wednesday with the dlc as a birthday gift to myself to play with my friends. Im at level 29 and was looking forward to an expansion that seems worser as the days go by. Sigh.....f*** everything

ChronoJoe1264d ago

It's not that bad. If you read N4G then you'd think Destiny was the worst game ever made, but on Reddit and the official forums, a lot of people are very positive about the upcoming DLC.

Personally, I'm looking forward to it.

The thing about N4G and similar communities is that because they are broad this feed is seen and responded to by everyone. People that don't play Destiny comment here as if they're offended by its DLC practices when it should be the people that are playing the game to deem the value of upcoming content. What matters is if TTK pleases the millions of players that are still playing Destiny.

FamilyGuy1264d ago

level 29 after 1 week, that's cool.

masterfox1264d ago

lol, will wait for the Pepsi diet quest then :D

TLG19911264d ago

Fallout 4, its not nuka-cola its now straight up coka-cola

SaveFerris1264d ago

Shouldn't it be sponsored by Kool-Aid?

Doge1264d ago

Into the garbage it goes then.

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