Wipeout HD Delay - Official Response

Following reports concerning the delay to Wipeout HD and suggestions that the game had failed an epilepsy test, a SCEE representative today provided TVG with an official response.

"The reason for the delay of WipEout HD on PS3 has been due to the many improvements we have been making and the numerous features we've added to the game. These include: 8 reverse tracks, 4 extra ships, 2 alternative HUDS, 2 Player offline split screen and XMB Trophy support. We look forward to sharing WipEout HD with you very soon."

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BlackIceJoe3742d ago

This is great news on the split-screen. That will be a great feature I can't wait to play wipeout against my bro.

ravinash3740d ago

But it would also be nice if they can release the game now so I can play it and then add the extra stuff in a patch later.
We have the technology.

StalkingSilence3742d ago

Wow, the SixthAxis was wrong here. Wish they wouldn't spread false information. Was that just a guess or an assumption?

dude_uk3742d ago

damn those liars =x
even though i don't like wipeout...
spreading false info is not cool

shame on you SixthAxis

DarkBlade3742d ago

Trophies!!! Lol Can't wait for this game.

pwnsause3742d ago

lol BullSh*t, you guys just made a game that can almost kill people themselves ROFL

Grahammad3741d ago

I will not regret buying this game now because of the splitscreen! I was pretty annoyed that they were going to leave that feature out originally. Now though, just great news!