Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4 is a technical tour de force

Rocksteady's superb work doesn't deserve to be overshadowed by the poor PC version.

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DarkLordMalik1213d ago

I am really happy to hear that it is a great effort on PS4. Sad about the PC version though, hopefully it is patched as well.

Fishy Fingers1213d ago

I'm sure the issues will be fixed but that doesn't mean PC gamers aren't justified in their disappointment of 'treated' to a shoddy port that Rocksteady must of been aware of from internal testing.

That said, played the PS4 version last night and so far the game is great and looks/performs well too, as I'm sure does the XB1.

I plan to pick up the PC version but I'll wait on a couple patches and probably a sale.

MightyNoX1213d ago

@Dark Malik: Best thing about PC is the awesome modding community. If Rocksteady does falter, we can always count on some technical wizard to smooth out some of the rougher edges.

On-topic: Bravo, PS4.

Genuine-User1213d ago

I don't think Rocksteady is at blame here.

RS deserve a lot of praise over the visuals and performance of the PS4 version. It's fantastic to see this kind of optimisation in an end product.

On the flip side, Warner Bros deserve to face all the backlash for the poor PC port.

UKmilitia1213d ago

what i dont understand is how can it release in this state?
no game should be released in such a mess.

Ghoul1213d ago


absolutly true, in fact games in such states are refundable since its not holding the minimal quality standard - "playable"

BeefCurtains1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

The crappy PC port is just even more upsetting because they only released the PS4 version for reviews. They knew the PC port was terrible, and only released the Ps4 version to inflate review scores to make sure sales weren't impacted by their terrible quality control.

Terrible business practice for the consumer. But it worked for their money lined pockets considering all the "great" reviews they got.

What's even more upsetting to me is that, well... They got away with it. Sure, they'll release patches. Oh thank you so much. But there won't be any real backlash, they made their money, tricked PC users in to buying their product day 1 by not releasing proper review material, and with all those day one sales they just walk away with money. Good for them.

starchild1212d ago

They did such a great job on the PS4 version. I still haven't had a chance to play the PC version, but if it's really that bad then shame on them.

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camel_toad1213d ago

Yeh the pc version right now is a tour de garbage. Shameful.

fermcr1213d ago

Rocksteady worked on console versions... unfortunately the PC version was made by incompetent morons.

freshslicepizza1213d ago

shows where their priority lies, which is a shame even if the ps4 gets most of the sales.

Sniperwithacause1213d ago

The only thing I have notice with the game on the PS4 since playing it for almost and hour last night was the audio would cut off for a brief second. Happens 4 times in the hour I played it. Got to the point where he put (spoiler ) poison ivy in the bat mobile.

Other than that masterpiece!

SmielmaN1213d ago

I've only played a bit past that part and haven't had that happen once. My ps4 runs through a top end Kenwood reciever into huge Polk Audio 5.1 speakers. Maybe check your receiver?

Sniperwithacause1213d ago

I've had it output thru my tv and my gold headset. Same issues. It's no big deal. I just realized that I was play pee day one patch. So we'll see later today how it works out for me.

SmielmaN1212d ago

Ahhh. I didn't play it before downloading the patch. Prob that

Mr Logic1213d ago

Played several hours last night. Enough to beat 20% of the main story as well as some side stuff. No audio issues.

MRMagoo1231212d ago

Something is wrong with your ps4 or TV.

MasterCornholio1213d ago

Great to hear that the PS4 version is solid.

But they should have done a much better job with the PC version.

As for the XB1 version I haven't seen the analysis yet so I can't comment on it.

MightyNoX1213d ago

We know it's 900p, at least.

MasterCornholio1213d ago

I know that. But what about the framerate and the other graphical details?

PaulFiend1213d ago

"I know that. But what about the framerate and the other graphical details?"

Some info from XBONE gamers atm, like stable 30fps in combat, some drops driving batmobile 25-30, 900p. Decent experience overall, they are happy, which is good.

MasterCornholio1213d ago

That doesn't sound bad at all. Looks like PC was the only platform to get a poor port.

Genuine-User1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Visuals are almost identical between the two console versions minus the resolution advantage on PS4.

PhucSeeker1213d ago

Spoke the truth and got bunch of disagree, dem fanboys are hard as work.

Dirtnapstor1213d ago

I picked up the Xbone version because I got it for free (otherwise PS is my primary). It looks really good and plays well. Have yet to run into any issues. No complaints here. As far as visual differences, have yet to personally compare.

MasterCornholio1213d ago

Im sure both versions are great. Rocksteady isn't the type to neglect a version just because of a marketing deal.

I know people will drag the PC version into this but that wasn't Rocksteadys fault. Warnerbros put the PC port into the hands of that horrible studio which is why there are so many problems with it. If Rocksteady did the PC version themselves things would have been much better.

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wtopez1213d ago

I've never seen a console game outperform the PC version so much. It is ridiculous. Every time I jump into the Batmobile, the game turns into a GIF.

nucky641213d ago

remember the demon souls that pc gamers got?

playstation4epic1213d ago

Demon Souls never came out on PC

Deividas1212d ago

Did you mean Blight Town in Dark Souls? Still not even close as bad compared to Arkham Knights performance on PC

WitWolfy1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

A bit of a shame the game still runs on UE3.. Was kinda hoping they'd use UE4 instead seeing its next gen and all...

deadfrag1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Its a tweaked inhouse engine and a more advance version of UE3 Rocksteady made advancements an add new features over the UE3 engine features and it looks wonderfull.Actually it looks much better than some games that are running in UE4!

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