The Witcher 3: How To Get Skellige Armor Set Location, Stats and Skellige’s Most Wanted Quest

Guide on how to get the latest set of Witcher 3 DLCs including Skellige Armor Set and a new quest.

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nucky641265d ago

meh - the armor doesn't look that great to me - and I wish we could have had the option to buy/aquire property so we'd have a place to store stuff - as it is, I don't want this heavy armor set adding to my overall load that I have to carry. -

daBUSHwhaka1265d ago

Storage is the only thing missing from The Witcher 3 that really should be in the game.

Grap1265d ago

Looks good, I love the style.

Viryu1265d ago

By scaling, do they mean level scaling, or upgrading like the witcher sets?

DarkLordMalik1265d ago

Level scaling. Some of the DLC armor do scale with the level.