WB Games Issued Official Statement, Revealed the Optimal Game Settings

WBGames finally listened to the problems of the gamers who are continuously reporting the issues on the Batman Arkham Knight on PC. Apart from poor performance on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. Apart from the stuttering issues, the game is also limited to 30 frames per second.

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SniperControl1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

So, let me get this straight, i spent £600 on two graphics cards for my PC with the aim of having nice graphics at reasonably good framerates, yet i cant play a brand new game on full settings because of a bunch of numpty's who could not be bothered to optimise or QA it before they released it.

Yep, job well done WB.

Ezz20131215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Yes, their PR comment is one of the worst.

Genova841214d ago

I feel more and more like dual AMD cards are the biggest waste of money. I have an R9 295x2 and I don't remember the last game I actually bought Day 1 that xfire worked well on. Ps. I skipped GTA V.

That said, with an R9 290x, I can't run new games at "full" settings. I say because maybe 2160p is now "full". Shadow of Mordor, need 6 gn of vram. MKX, need to turn bloom off, Witcher 3, lots of tweaks to get it to a higher frame rate. My point is, I feel like I'm chasing the dragon to get "full" or "max" settings even at 1080p. I'm on the verge of saying fuck it and buying a 980ti in hopes that games will actually work out of the box. It's a sad day.

megatron007331215d ago

They need to figure out the issues soon. Otherwise, there will be a fire of REFUNDS on Steam.

SniperControl1215d ago

It's to late for me, have just over 3 hours played, half of that was trying to get my DS4 controller to work, even though the game supports it natively, it picked it up, showed a DS4 picture in the gamepad settings, but never actually worked, went back to using a 360 emulator for it, would have been nice to have Playstation icons for a change.

Somebody1215d ago

"in the mean time they also need support from the gamers who are addressing these issues."

Meaning: "Please, don't use Steam Refund!"

Perjoss1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

They've made plenty of cash from the Batman franchise, its time to spend some of that cash and some time on making this port a little better. What makes it even worse is they are selling a version for almost £70 (almost $110 USD) They really need to fix this quickly.

kingeliran1215d ago

Still works like crap with "optimal settings".

kingeliran1215d ago

glad i got the game for 18$ some people paid over 100$

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