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As part of Microsoft’s new Xbox Preview program, Xbox Live Gold subscribers are able to download games not only before they’re launched, but before they’re completed. The Long Dark is one such game available to preview for $19.99 (CAD) — while the game is currently in Alpha, purchasing this preview will entitle you to all updates and the final release of the game.

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Perjoss1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

I've pumped a ton of hours into the sandbox mode of this and its a fantastic survival game. It has crafting but its not like many of the other survival games on Steam as this one focuses heavily on staying alive rather than building a base etc.

The maps do not change but all the item placement is random, so no playthrough is the same. For example there is a rifle and you might find it in the first 10 mins of exploring but also you might not find it for 2 hours or more, so rather than hunting the wildlife for food and leather/fur you will have to steer clear of it while trying to survive, you'll have to make yourself a fishing line or eat some of the canned food you might find in the cabins.

Really excited to see how the story mode plays, you can choose between male or female survivors and the girl is voiced by Jennifer Hale (female Commander Shepard).

poppinslops1308d ago

And Mark Meer (male Shepherd) does the guy's voice... Hinterland have former Bioware staff, so I guess that's the connection.

I've been wanting this for xbox ever since since it was announced... I'm still holding out for the finished product, though I am curious - if I pay for early-access, does that also entitle me to a copy of the full game?

Perjoss1308d ago

Not sure how it works on Xbox One, but on Steam yes if you buy into early access you get the game when it lands, and sometimes the early access price is cheaper than launch price.

I know that currently Elite Dangerous is available on early access on Xbox One and I think there will be more early stuff from what they said at E3.

Dlacy13g1308d ago

But I just finally left the Hinterlands... a little DA humor couldn't help it.

I am really interested in checking out the game now. Big Jennifer Hale fan.

cfc781308d ago

If you pay the early access price the games yours and as far as I know you get it cheaper than waiting for the finished game but there's always a chance the game never gets finished thats the catch to it.

Neonridr1308d ago

and one of the random NPC's will have my name when the game is finished (kickstarter backer)..


Game does look awesome, I agree with you and I can't wait to see the finished product.

Zichu1308d ago

I played the Game Trial on the X1 last night. I had downloaded it not long after it was made available, but just didn't have the time to try it out.

I gotta say, this game and the concept is great. I spent my first time playing, just roaming around, exploring and figuring out what I needed to do. I died quite quickly. My second time playing, I managed to figure out how collect wood, time conservation and generally just staying warm. I found a tower which had beds, a stove, a rifle, a bit of food, but that was it. My player was in dire need of more food and had to stay warm. Luckily that tower was there because I would have died way back. I did die in the end though, went out trying to find food and just died. Third time playing, I managed to find a broken down shack, it had a stove which I used to try and keep my character warm, but it was dark, and very windy. I knew I was going to die, so I wandered around, followed a train track into another area and it led me to a broken down train that was hanging on the side of a cliff. I decided that to jump off and die because I had no food, was freezing and I knew I wasn't going to survive.

I turned the difficulty down and spawned right next to a camping site. I felt safe and my trial ended lol.

I will definitely keep my eye on the game, see how it progresses.

brando0081308d ago

Hope they bring this gem to ps4