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The Witcher 3 is finally here. If you have ever played any game in the series, then you know what you are in for, but if you haven’t then you are in for a huge treat. The third game in the series and the final one for Geralt of Rivias stories is an amazing one to say the least. Its massive, world full of wonder and a ton of stuff to do, interesting NPCs and amazing monsters to slay. Great combat system and great story telling add to a world that you will get lost in for days. And then be sad you have to leave and move on.

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WizzroSupreme1211d ago

Probably the only game that can challenge Fallout 4 for GOTY in my mind.

Dread1211d ago

you played Fallout 4 until the end? u r very lucky.

I will have to wait a few more months to play the full game like u did, but o well, I have witcher 3.

Happy gaming.

xX_Altair_Xx1211d ago

I would throw in MGSV as a key contender.

SpringHeeledJack1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I disagree, it's a good game but has many faults that spoil it and stop it being enjoyable at times.

Really poor hit detection, it's like watching wrestling, clearly can be nowhere near an attack and some how get hit or your weapon strikes going through a enemy yet not registering as a hit.

Movement controls are horrible.

Cheap deaths especially from fall damage.

Fetch quests replaced with too many go kill this monster quests, just straight forward n dull after so many.

The best gear in the game is the feline, griffin, bear armour so makes exploring less exciting, youknow you will never find something better.

Bloodborne and Fallout games are head and shoulders better games imo.

Immorals1211d ago

So what you're saying is that there's too many 'fetch quests' where you kill monsters..

That's exactly what being a witcher is.

SpringHeeledJack1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

No am saying fetch quests become boring lacking imagination and used as fillers for games.

Witcher 3 does this with monster quests, most are 'i have problem go kill it" rinse n repeat, i enjoyed it but there is only so many you can do before you get sick of the same pattern.

Then near all those question marks on the map are monster dens/bandit camps. Makes it look like there is loads of things to do or discover.

If you think being a Witcher is just monster quests then you are wrong. I am playing for the main story n subplots which are very good.

Its a good game just not anyway near fallout or elder scrolls game and certainly not goty.

joab7771210d ago

I love BB too but the Witcher 3 is absurdly good in so many ways. I think they have or are patching fall damage, though I roll so I don't really know. I find combat to be fine. Play on Death March. I would like an even harder difficulty, but its fine. And I know it's your opinion, but how can ya bitch about the quests and storytelling in this game? Probably...wait...most definitely the best I have seen in an open world rpg. Hell, in most games. Hes a witcher, he hunts monsters. And there's a ton of secondary quests that I couldn't tell apart from the main quests. And Gwent is a great diversion.

And just b/c the school gear is the best, how does that negate exploartion? There's tons of stuff to loot other than armor. And I'm guessing you used a guide to find the gear as soon as possible, which absolutely negates any game.

Yeah, BB and TW3 are my favorite next gen games. BB had its issues too. I can see MGS5 and Fallout competing, and Fallout may have added just enough with crafting and creation to win. Also, it's simply more popular, and many ppl don't like high fantasy. But I'll bet anything that TW3 is much better in its storytelling.

gangsta_red1211d ago

Having the best time with this game.

Angrymorgan1211d ago

Never played a witcher game before but I'm hooked.
My ps4 has played nothing else since its release.

ArchangelMike1211d ago

Same with me. I literally haven't taken the game out of the disc drive since launch day. 0.o

Kingdomcome2471211d ago

Same here. I just completed the main quest line last night, and I'm about to hit level 35. I put in 168 hours which represents 100% of my gaming time over the past five weeks, and I still have tons to do in Skellige, but I want to jump into Arkham Knight.

maybelovehate1211d ago

I am trying to get into this game. But just too much talking. Plus I hate the confined movement of the character/horse.

I am sure if I could get past those two things I would love it. It looks beautiful and seems to have a good story.

ArchangelMike1211d ago

If you're not into story based games, then you probably won't enjoy this game. If you can relax and get into the story then you'll absolutely love it.

Poroz1211d ago

I admit, there is more story then I like to (I am only half way through). Although being surprised by some of cool looking enemy's keep me going back though.

Simco8761211d ago

Hit Square to skip talking scenes. I rarely do this, only if I really don't care why I'm doing a quest, just trying to get it done. Really speeds things up.

--bienio--1211d ago

Absolutely GOTY this year!! This game is a masterpiece amazing 10/10.

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