E3 2015: Horizon Zero Dawn Preview - Step Aside Nate, Aloy is the New Queen of PS4 Exclusives | COG

COG writes - Sony fans have a new franchise to rally around! After a jaw dropping reveal, and a behind closed doors demo from the team at Guerrilla Games, we crown Aloy and Horizon Zero Dawn our 'Game of Show' for E3 2015.

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generalwinter1308d ago

Yes! Another great PS4 game coming!

SniperControl1308d ago

That Thuderjaw is 550000 polygons, insane.

one2thr1308d ago

With 90 some odd destructible parts insane, indeed.

DarkOcelet1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Thats actually impressive. I wonder if he could have fought the two Thunderjaws at the same time in the demo. That would technically be impressive if it kept the framerate and didn't stutter.

But knowing GG wizards, i am pretty sure he can.

HAC5221308d ago

another? what other? ive been so disappointed with the ps4 since launch. i've been a sony faithful forever, but the ps4 is decent. not great. we get a "good" game, maybe once a year. i dont think there's been a "great" game to release yet, that was exclusive to the ps4.

the ps3, that became a thing of wonder by its second anniversary.the ps4, on the other hand, is coming up on its 3rd year, and we've only just finished getting the features we were originally promised, and 50% of the games released either totally blow, are god damned indie sidescroller games, or are way less than promised at announcement.

JackStraw1308d ago

Blah blah blah. Just because you don't play the great games on PS4 doesn't mean that it's any less great.

Minute Man 7211308d ago

We haven't even cross year 2 yet and your talking bout year 3

DeletedAcc1308d ago

when she is the queen why should the king go away lol

Digital_Anomaly1308d ago

Haha, that's a great point! Honestly, it's not about competition, just a fun header! Bottom line, PS4 owners have a shit ton of games to be excited about for 2016!

uptownsoul1308d ago

In fact…King Nate & Queen Aloy will be taking their rightful places in 2016

Eidolon1308d ago

They'd have to get married. :3

ClayRules20121308d ago

Lol, well thankfully Drake is married to the Beautiful & Talented Elena Fisher, so no Aloy for Drake. I would love to see how he'd try to handle Robo Dinos.

joab7771308d ago

And as impressive as it was, and as good as it probably will be, we need to actually play it b4 Nate is replaced lol! I mean, c'mon, did anyone see just how absurdly impressive the U4 demo was?

ClayRules20121308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Lol. I believe Horizon will be bloody brilliant, but I know what you mean. Drake will never be replaced though, he's a one of a kind.

rainslacker1308d ago

It's been said that Nate will be stepping down from new games after this one.

MRBIGCAT1308d ago

This game looks amazing. Must buy and you better believe Aloy will be the new face of PS4 exclusives in 2016.

uth111308d ago

So Nate was the previous "Queen of PS4 exclusives"? :P

Digital_Anomaly1308d ago

Lol, 'The New Monarch' made the title too long :p

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The story is too old to be commented.