Hype & Concern: Destiny's The Taken King

David Game details his experience with Destiny thus far, along with why he's both excited and nervous about The Taken King.

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rosscoffx1239d ago

You have to ask the question "who has the control" with Destiny. A lot of the time a lot of developers get some serious abuse for decisions made by people above them.

It all does seem a bit ridiculous whoever is making these decisions, it's not like the game hasn't already made a fortune!

brokenbracket1239d ago

I still don't get the whole quip about matchmaking for raids. If you've ever played a raid in destiny, you'll know that communication is key. If you've ever done, say a level 18-26 strike from the strike playlist, you'll also know that not every player has a mic or wants to talk to weirdos from other countries. This argument for any point of view is pointless. It shouldn't be used against Bungie, nor for them. It's just a mute point at this given time. That's like me saying it's dumb that they don't have matchmaking for level 35 Prison of Elders. You can barely beat the dude with three good players with mics. Imagine playing with a noob in there, with no mic...

rosscoffx1239d ago

Some strange "facts" are thrown around to have a go at developers that they simply have no control over like you say buddy. I don't mind using a Mic but I have kids in the house and simply can't at night when they are asleep. So, that being said I try not to play any modes that a team needs to communicate with, I just think it's unfair.

That is not Bungie's fault though now is it?

brokenbracket1239d ago

See, that's what I'm saying. Some people just have legit reasons for not having a mic.

I know they could probably do a matchmaking option to where it's optional, but what would be the point lol. I think they should do it and then let everyone see why they didn't in the first place. It's like my brother always trying to tell me how to play, so I do it his way and let my failure be the explanation as to why I was doing it right the first time haha.