Splinter Cell Delayed

When Ubisoft didn't show Splinter Cell: Conviction at its last event, people worried a little about how the game might be doing. Fear not - the game's doing great. So great, they say, that Ubisoft just decided it'd be better off releasing it as part of its "2009-2010" lineup instead of in this year's fiscal fourth quarter. You know, to "bolster" next year, as the company said in its fiscal first quarter results statement.

Signs at Ubidays seemed to suggest that the game was undergoing a reworking, though Ubisoft's reps were specifically vague on details. We also heard that a "way too egotistical" Michael Ironside would no longer be returning as the voice of Sam Fisher.

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Mr PS34392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )


The Bots have been waiting all year for Anything
And what do they get Nothing


I'm just waiting for Blood Curse to Download


Spinxter cell saw MGS4
And went into hiding
Back to the Drawing board Ubisuck


The Bots used to say
Now its turned a full 360
Wait for Anything Get Nothing !!


chaosatom4392d ago

it got afraid of MGS4 and ran away.

fafoon4392d ago

Your Waiting for blood curse to download
same here
While playing MGS4


Playstation Man4392d ago

In the mean time we can all play MGS4, Hot Shots Golf, GT5: Prologue and many more PS3 exclusives already out this year. Then we can all look forward to Resistance 2, LBP, Motorstorm and The Agency for later this year.

As for the Bots...well, I guess you've got Gears...and you can keep looking up info on Alan Wake! Yaaaaa!!!

Veryangryxbot4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

The game was scrapped and back to the drawing board. They just dont have the GUTS to admit it.
Even now, their game couldnt even rival 5% of the super triple A that is Metal Gear.

They scratched the game and took it back to the drawing boards. Its pretty clear now, they have been working on this game for over 3 years and have nothing to show for it...MGS4 wasnt even released and they already had to scratch it. Sad, isnt it.

Should have produced the game on the PS3 and kept your mouths shut Ubi. Yes, folks. These were the guys who said that Naruto 360 is not possible on the PS3 and that PS3 cant run Splinter Cell or do any AI.

Look who is crying now. MGS4 shiat ALL OVER IT. These guys sure are Ubisofts finest rofl.

Naruto couldnt be done on the PS3 right? If youre a shiatty developer with no real skills, you should just keep your mouth shut next time.

PS3 cant do Splinter Cell AI, guys. LOL.
"So, Conviction is confirmed for PC and Xbox 360. But what about the other consoles? Double Agent was a 360 exclusive for a whole week. On this issue, Danny could give us a firm answer. “It’s NEVER gonna come out on the PS3 or the Wii.” It’s a logical decision. Nintendo’s console simply doesn’t have the graphical horsepower, and he candidly told us how the PS3 can’t handle AI nearly as well as the 360."

TheColbertinator4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

First Alan Wake,then Halo Wars and now Splinter Cell too?This sucks

Edit:*sobs in the corner*

Mr PS34392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

It SUCKS does'nt it