Rocksteady Batman Arkham Knight “Superman is almost the impossible game to make”

GamerFitNation: During E3 2015 GamerFitnation’s Antwand BlackBible Pearman spoke to Guy Perkins about the new game, out today, Batman: Arkham Knight, the finale to the epic trilogy that Rocksteady Studios has forged since 2009. Why the conclusion to such a great series? Well, according to Perkins, the game was foreseen as a trilogy, and they felt it was time for the series to end. He says this is the high point for the Batman: Arkham series.

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-Foxtrot2784d ago

How though? You could easily construct a plot where a villain drains Superman of his powers. Throughout the game as you do new story missions or gain XP you'll get your powers back piece by piece.

Only problem you would have then is sequels if it did well.

Anyway I'd rather see a shit load of other heroes then Superman for Rocksteady to focus on

BLACKBIBLE2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

A lot of Game Developers feel this way about Superman actually. Check out the video linked below were we asked 20 different developers if they could do it.

SilentNegotiator2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

All they have to do is use the right style of Superman. During certain parts of his history, he was not depicted as being over the top OP.

Look at the DCAU Superman; that was perfect. He had plenty of weaknesses to make fights with enemies tense; he could get knocked around like any other superhero with superstrength, he couldn't handle electricity very well, he would get blinded...Superman doesn't have to be a god and most good writers either don't write him that way or else make an epic story about how he handles having so much power.

JasonKCK2784d ago

Superman does seem like it would be hard to make. That was a cool video.

Hulk vs Superman in a destructible open world.

NewMonday2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

DC Universe Online makes a great template for a superman game

it did the gameplay for a superman based hero perfectly, and Metropolis was big, massive, well realized and open world

UnwanteDreamz2784d ago

Then I think game devs need to start getting out of their comfort zones. I am no writer or game dveloper but I can think of more than one way a Superman game would work. Lvling up and gaining new powers is cool but far from necessary. If this is the issue then it is one that can be solved by not playing it safe.

Ezz20132784d ago

***Rocksteady Batman Arkham Knight “Superman is almost the impossible game to make”***

Almost as impossible to make a good pc port of Batman AK..RIGHT ?!

AliTheSnake12784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I remembers hearing rumors a while back about them making TMNT game.

Or they can just make a good james bond game.Combine the gameplay of arkham and uncharted.

ShinMaster2783d ago

Take him to space, where he'd be more free to use his powers.
Let him fight Darkside, Zod, Brainiac, etc.

Speaking of space, make a game around the Green Lantern mythos.

zen_hydra2783d ago

The Arkham games already set a precedent of re-imagining the DC universe. It really wouldn't be that big of a departure to portray Supes at his early Golden-Age power level, or go with something like the Justice League/Unlimited incarnation where he isn't much stronger than Wonder Woman and Shazam. Superman doesn't need to be the absolute best at everything (in fact I would argue he shouldn't be the best at any single thing at all). He just needs to have a S-tier combination of powers. A vulnerability to magic also goes a long way to balancing his power.

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-Foxtrot2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Yeah I'd like to see this

An actual Green Arrow game though...not any of that Arrow TV series crap which has changed way too much source material.

Would be nice for more people to see the real Green Arrow portrayed better in a game

Either Green Arrow or like I've said Constantine

SaveFerris2784d ago

Can he be teamed up with Black Canary?

Redinfamy2784d ago

That plot would be pretty interesting to make it work. I would love to see a Flash game

Agent Smith2784d ago

Because a powerless Superman is not Superman. Makes sense for Batman to have the basics like batarangs and grappling hook at the beginning of a game, but more gadgets can be added as the game progresses. Superman's super strength and super speed are stuff that are needed from the start, and those are really the only powers you need for Superman. He has no weapons. Heat vision and ice breath are probably the only real practical stuff he can gain.

-Foxtrot2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Who said he'd be completely powerless.

Superman being drained would mean they'll be able to stop him being over powered. They'd just pick and choose what powers he'll keep for the player and remove the ones which cause gameplay problems

Besides it's a plot you could most likely see in a TV show.

Evil villain weakens him, Superman stands above all and fights back, gets his powers back, saves the day

Still Superman

NewMonday2784d ago


the don't even need to do that with the new Superman who is basically in Thor's power-level now

Loadedklip2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

If you strip Superman of his power ... then he isn't Superman.

That Metroid-ish gameplay works well for Batman ... but for Superman it would be a cop-out.

Just make it like the recent Earth 2: World's End book released by DC Comics.

Have Darkseid attack the earth with his powerful army. The Parademons would = normal thugs to Superman while the Apokolips New Gods can range from powered thugs to full fledged bosses that can challenge Superman.

A Superman game is definitely not impossible ... it will just take a huge budget and the right talented team to pull it off as even a normal fight with Superman should be epic in scale.

@ Foxtrot ... I understand the hole slightly depowered thing ... the problem is that again it's not SUPERman then. It's a cop-out to make a game playable with a much lesser character.

I want SUPERman and it can be done if you have him fighting Darkseid and the New Gods. Beings that can challenge and beat him without the need of a cop-out.

-Foxtrot2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

"If you strip Superman of his power ... then he isn't Superman. "


Are people not getting this

You aren't stripping him of ALL of his powers, you are just draining them enough so they aren't overpowered.

You'll still have enough strength to move objects that most humans wouldn't be able to

Manage to take a beating and be immune to most attacks, but not enough where you can't be killed or get knocked out

Still be able to use Heat vision, it won't be as powerful...something you can upgrade. Imagine using it in would be like a quick finisher if the enemies health is low OR would be like a quick stun when fighting

There's so many powers and abilities that Superman has which they could easily pick and choose which ones he keeps and one's he'll have to earn back. Seriously read up on them, there's a ton.

There is plenty to start the game off and still make you feel like a Superhero.

UltraNova2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


I understand your point about draining him to reduce his powers to a more manageable level but try and understand that would no longer be Superman.

Superman is all about godly power and massive destruction. That's what people want, not a tree hugging peace loving dude in tights, who fakes people into believing his is a goofy reporter by wearing glasses.

Now, its really hard to pull off the level of destructibility and combat mechanics required in order for Sups to be adequately portrait and not feel watered down.

I mean look at how much damage Metropolis took in just a 5 minute brawl between Snyder's Superman and Zod(the closest we ever got to see Sups real power on the silver screen, and it wasn't even close)!

Until they have an engine that can do such level of destructibility and have the necessary combat/flying mechanics they'll never make this game, although I have the feeling that Rocksteady might actually pull it off should they try.

zen_hydra2783d ago

I think the best way to give Superman mechanical character growth isn't for him to discover any of his core powers (he should have those from the start), but a lot of mechanical depth can be plumbed by creative power combinations and stunting. Only experience can teach him all the interesting applications of his super powers, and those are what players can unlock to facilitate a growing power curve.

RiseofScorpio2784d ago

The Flash! Now he would have some good move sets.

ipach2784d ago

i think a superman game could be an adventure strategy game about maintaining your secret identity and protecting your loved ones (with permadeath, xcom style). it's a given that superman can defeat anyone straight up, but he still can't be in two places at the same time... and he still spends his days dressed up and in glasses. it would have to play as a stealth game while in clark kent mode. and you get different endings depending on how you live your life as clark. instead of superman vs. batman, you could have them get married. or you can just decide to leave earth and explore the universe and screw earth over. no man's sky is secretly a superman game.

Lukejrl2784d ago

It sounds so generic your summary a few comments down is exactly what is wrong with alot of games and the creativity. Superman would be a hard character to make where we actually feel the danger.

-Foxtrot2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Which games aren't generic...I mean really. How many great games are really generic at heart. It's all about the way they create them and how much time and effort they put into them. That's mostly just doubting the abilities of the developer.

"Superman would be a hard character to make where we actually feel the danger"

And having him a little more vulnerable won't be able to do that ¬¬

Imagine when he's drained all these villains and common criminals are told...they wouldn't fear him in the same way and he'd be a huge target.

MrSwankSinatra2784d ago

I'm going to be honest that would be a pretty lame plot. What would even be the point of the game about Superman if his powers are drained? Superman is just not a character that could be applied into video games in this day and age. Draining his powers effectively doesn't make him superman, keeping his powers intact makes him too overpowered for a video game.

DanteVFenris6662784d ago

Or you know make overpowered enemies... You know like the ones he has?

Superman primed is overpowered, a few other version as well. However on a norm basis he is not and gets defeated.

badz1492784d ago

They can't even make a Batman game where Batman is Batman. Their version of Batman is basically Spiderman.

Metallox2784d ago

Er, no, definitely not. The Arkham games really make you feel like you are Batman.

CorndogBurglar2784d ago

You do know who Spider-Man is, right?

Because the last person people think of while playing the Arkham games is Spider-Man.

CorndogBurglar2784d ago

I want an open world, 3rd person cover based Punisher game.

Before missions you can be in his safehouse planning an entry and exit strategy and choose what weapons and gear to take.

Upgradeable weapons and of course the battle van to travel around New York inconspicuously.

I would buy that in a heartbeat.

_-EDMIX-_2784d ago

His character has just too many amazing abilities to the point of brokeness. At one point this man went back in time, can see through walls, ice breath, laser eyes, at one point he could do telepathic mind control and read minds.....yes folks. He can cause amnesia by kissing, he can amazing throw his voice, he can also shape shift lol.

Its a good read and very, very funny. He was just created way, way too powerful to the point where you can't really even write properly to convey a sense of danger with him. All his shortcomings always happen by some sort of happenchance. Oh stand back guys, Lex has some Kryptonite!

Bruhhhh...I would just move the hell out of his way then, get at safe distance and just laser him to death.

To make a compelling Superman game, one needs to actually nerf the powers that even make Superman interesting. I personally don't think it can be done and its why we've yet to see many over the years as much as we've seen cameos of him.

I mean, one can make a Superman game, but clearly the game would have to nerf his powers, have a cooldown etc. Hell, a great idea would be to make one where Lex put some device that blocked the Sun's rays and someone made a device to mimic the sun's radiation to give Superman some of his powers to beat Lex and destroy the device.

oasdada2784d ago

How about a batman vs superman dlc for AK??

rainslacker2784d ago

The comics have him facing enemies that can go against him as equals. Superman isn't invulnerable. Heck, Batman is going up against him in a movie soon, and he's just a regular guy with some cool gadgets....which I guess would play into what you say.

sinspirit2784d ago

That's not creative. It's forcing some generic plot to give an excuse if a story. Why wouldn't the villain just finish him off? Just being for plot holes.

gninja922784d ago

Superman, Prime 1 million, is the best one.

Dspdspes2783d ago

The MOST overpowered of all the versions, mmmmm.

I think, as some have said before me, that the correct villains would make all the difference. Darkseid, Brainiac, Solaris, Yellow lanterns, Doomsday..... and Luthor.

DragoonsScaleLegends2783d ago

Lol a Superman game can be made and is in no way impossible. The hardest part and what I think these developers are really talking about are the funds needed to make a modern Superman game. Plus not only do they have to secure these funds but there has to be a huge audience like the Batman games willing to buy it and no one really knows if there is.

gninja922782d ago

with the man of steel being a solid movie and the new batman and superman and justice league they only need to time the release window properly and the audience will flock to it.

P.S. Prime 1 million should be a future "What-IF" boss fight with all dc characters that got more than 1 comic issue to their name to fight against.

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wakeNbake2784d ago

This game is gorgeous, plays great, a true GOTY contender up there with Bloodborne and The Witcher 3.

FallenAngel19842784d ago

Just imagine how Superman would fight mooks. Itd be ridiculous to see normal criminals defeat Superman when you put the controller down. That alone makes a solo game featuring him impossible

SilentNegotiator2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Who said that the game would have to have him facing common criminals? How often does Superman fight ordinary criminals in the comics?

That's like questioning if a The Flash would work on the basis of him being able to outrun common criminals. Or if a Batman game would work because he's a master at fighting and common criminals are not. Or an Aquaman game because common criminals aren't as good at swimming. Or a Fantastic Four game would work because Mr. Fantastic has a longer reach than common criminals, The Thing has a stronger skin than common criminals, Sue is more invisible than common criminals, and Johnny is more on fire than common criminals.

Superheroes mostly fight super villains. That's why they work.

FallenAngel19842784d ago

Because you have to fill the game with different enemy types. You can't make a superhero game where they solely only fight the supervillians.

SilentNegotiator2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Sueprheroes also deal with their henchmen (which don't have to be ordinary criminals), robots, labyrinths, hordes of villains, etc.

Plus, it's Superman; he can also deal with saving lives (unless it's the Man of Steel version, in which case he will leave everyone to die and kill dozens more in his battle with the villains, lol) and maybe even some Clark Kent missions. I know it didn't work for that one Hulk game, but Clark, having his powers whether he's dressed as Superman or not, would make for more interesting gameplay ideas; maybe stuff where he is trying to save people in subtle ways to avoid giving away his secret identity.

SilentNegotiator2783d ago

Oh, and Mxyzptlk missions. Definitely Mxyzptlk missions.

FallenAngel19842783d ago

It would still take away from the experience to see the Man of Steel get hurt by common enemy types. The whole thing only works in theory, but would utterly fail in execution.

gninja922782d ago

superman returns featured superman with no health bar, instead the city had a health bar, if he allowed the city to get destroyed thats how he lost. , but he never died.

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Venomousfatman2784d ago

I definitely wouldnt mind seeing a DC universe related game from them again. Maybe have Batman in a cameo, but focused on a different hero. How about Wonder Woman?

MasterCornholio2784d ago

Well you can always make him fly through thousands of rings.