Firing on all Cylinders. Xbox One is neither Dead nor Useless

E3 2015 is finally behind us and the gamers that should be excited for the games and features they’re about to get have already begun to complain about everything that is gaming. From Microsoft to Nintendo instead of joy we see people attempting to rain on everyone’s parade because of silly rivalries and more.

There are four corners in gaming and like years gone past, gamers who buy into a specific system feel that they are a part of that ecosystem and they have to defend it to the death. When companies show games on other systems they quickly run to social media to poke holes in the other platforms exclusives or when their platform of choice decides to dump vaporware on them they have to accept and defend it even if it’s bad for gaming in general.

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christocolus1215d ago

"From a purely business stand point this means Microsoft could possibly grow their gaming platform"

Agreed. I believe Console gamers will always game on consoles and PC gamers will always choose a PC. There's no direct competition between both platforms and gamers on both sides stand to benefit from well as MS.

Well written article. Well done TICGN.

Lenrulesdaworld1215d ago

Thanks Chris, guys are working really hard to get great news and write good opinion pieces. Might lean a little to toward xbox but nothing hateful or fanboish. Hopefully readers will be intrigued to discover more.