Rumored PlayStation Store New Content (US) for July 24, 2008

In regular weekly feature, PlayStation LifeStyle takes a look at what we should be getting this week:
- 1942: Joint Strike ($9.99)
- Guitar Hero III DLC: Virtuoso Track Pack ($6.49)
- PixelJunk Eden demo
- Rock Band DLC: NIN and Shinedown ($5.49 and $3.98)
- Siren: Blood Curse ($14.99 packs, $39.99 for all 12)

Additional Content:
- Blu-ray Disc theme (PS3)*

NOTE: This list is not all-inclusive (videos, wallpapers, etc.) and content is always subject to change.

*Items marked with an asterisk denote rumored content, while the other content is confirmed.


PS3 Theme - Siren: Blood Curse
Wallpaper - Siren: Blood Curse (x2)

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StalkingSilence4835d ago

Oh and one more thing, next week’s store update should be INTERESTING. We could possibly see the debut of “Life with PlayStation”, Linger In Shadows released, a Madden 09 demo, and the full PixelJunk Eden game (with trophies)!

jamenees4835d ago

I like the fact that we can look forward to things every week with Ps3. Yeah, some weeks are better than others, but that's all good because it seems at least a couple of times a month we are getting something pretty cool.

TheColbertinator4835d ago

Linger in Shadows coming out?Its about time

StalkingSilence4835d ago

Hey Steven Colbert!

First off, I love your show (haha). Also, yeah it's tentatively coming out next week. More info here:

chasegamez4835d ago (Edited 4835d ago )

Joint Strike i was going 2 buy it
but no trophies support
so i wont support the game

@StalkingSilence so if they add trophies patch
then ill buy it

StalkingSilence4835d ago

This game was already in Sony's QA testing when the 2.40 SDK was released to developers for implementation. The game costs $9.99 making it an unlikely candidate for the first 3rd-party game to support trophies at launch.

jamenees4835d ago

Just wondering because all the screenshots and trailers look pretty cool.

Real gamer 4 life4835d ago

Yea the game is good, i played the demo and i liked it. Eurogamer gave the game a score of 9 out of 10.

StalkingSilence4835d ago

Camera controls were a little wonky at times, the game was a little too linear - but if I was into the horror/survival genre, I would definitely be picking this game up.

newneto4835d ago

Great demo. I will get it today.

wolfehound224835d ago

Very good game. Definitely has the creepy mood down. I'm not really into the horror genre otherwise I'd pick it up.

StalkingSilence4835d ago

Everything about the game was SCARY, except the SOUNDS. The soundtrack was actually awesome, but i mean the sound effects. The noise the creepy enemies make was just SO LAME. Sounds like someone recorded it on Sound Recorder. It totally detracts from the rest of the game.

PistolPumptMonk4835d ago

It was interesting and pretty fun but I found it to be WAY too easy. I only played it once though so I'm not sure if there are different difficulties.

Either way, it seems like a solid survival horror game.

Dir_en_grey4835d ago (Edited 4835d ago )

Do you expect zombies to speak clearly?
I understand Japanese and the stuff they say are AWSOME!!!

Also if you guys think this is just a horror game you are missing out.
This is more like MGS with more figuring out how to get past enemies and less straight hacking your way through. You gotta put the pieces together to figure out the story too just like MGS. More of a thinking man's game. The demo is easy cuz it's the first tutorial level. Everything gets way better after that too. I can attest to it cuz I'm playing the Japanese version already. Definitely an AAA title.

This is Metal Gear Siren!!

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Playstation Man4835d ago (Edited 4835d ago )

Nothing will take away my QORE Exclusive Resistance 2 Theme! It rocks!!!!

Can't wait to play Siren. I'll just buy the whole game!

StalkingSilence4835d ago

Mentioned by Noel Silvia in a comment on the PlayStation.Blog. In response to requests for more "generic" themes - not game specific - he said the PSN theme and BD theme should be out soon. We got the PSN theme 2 weeks ago. SO BD is coming soon...

psnCAShville_6154835d ago (Edited 4835d ago )

can you guys tell me? this going to be cool. the only thing i want is the bluray theme soooo cool .lol

StalkingSilence4835d ago

My understanding is it's a PSN feature, in a partnership w/ Google, to bring news/weather/sports to a Google Earth interface. As such, you should expect to see it as an item in the same column as "Google Internet Search" and "[email protected]" on the PS3 XMB.

You'll have to download it and it may be advertised in the store. But that's what they did with [email protected] if you'll recall.

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