Yoshida: VR a Powerful New Medium That “Can’t Be Done” With Conventional TVs, Consoles and PCs

During a group media session with Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida at E3, which PlayStation LifeStyle was part of, Yoshida was asked what the greatest potential was for VR (virtual reality) with Sony and other companies like Oculus, Samsug dabbling in it.

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Lifewish1212d ago

He is probably right, but I still just don't have much interest in VR yet.

ABizzel11212d ago

How many VR games have you played?

FarEastOrient1211d ago

I've been using VR headsets since 2005 for the military. The improvements to this day and age are very nice and finally going mainstream.

S2Killinit1212d ago

The interest will come when you put the headset on for the first time. The possibilities are limitless.

Wedge191212d ago

This. I don't know anybody that has tried VR that thinks that it isn't radically different and basically indescribable. How do you say "have you tried real life? It's kinda like that!"

DemonChicken1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

I personally have more interest in VR like PM or OC than the hololens AR offered by Microsoft.

But don't get me wrong I like AR like when I first tried it on the Vita but yet shame lack of support. Plus I was impressed by the tech demo shown by Microsoft in E3 but due to my circumstances I don't think it would be suitable tech for my needs.

Primarily because of living space, as I live in a small flat I would not have the space to do something that impressive like the minecraft or halo briefing demo so I am very limited. As you probably imagine I have a small TV too.

So in my case VR would be an more suitable and practical experience due to space issues (don't need a big ass TV too!!!) - although this is logically speaking as this is not released I am unsure due to tracking issues especially in a smaller room like your bedroom.

But yeah peripherals like kinect, playstaion move or hololens to me are not suitable due to space - you can probably understand the appeal it has if this works in a small space.

SaveFerris1212d ago

I read the entire quote in Shuhei Yoshida's voice.

ftwrthtx1212d ago

I think this version of it will be a flash in the pan and a stairway to future VR systems on a much better scale.

anemraz1212d ago

Haha Nintendo boss disagrees.

_-EDMIX-_1212d ago

Agreed. It looks very hard to actually demo as what your showing it hard to advertise and convey to an audience.

I think they need a big deal with retail stores to have it at kiosk to allow folks to get what it actually is. Watching the E3 footage is interesting, only if you have journalist that are vocally saying what is happening.

HighResHero1212d ago

Yep, people also need to try it and then talk/rave about it.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1212d ago

Makes perfect sense to, I mean there's already a 400 dollar item at every GameStop I've been to, another 200-400 won't cost them much in comparison

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The story is too old to be commented.