E3 2015 Grades for the Big 3 of Gaming

EB: The gaming world has recovered from another explosive E3, and is now trying to figure out which reveals stood out from the pack, especially the games and hardware announced from the Big 3 of Gaming: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Nintendo once again opted to more or less withhold itself from a major E3 press event, which in my opinion has hurt its showing yet again, but both MS and Sony gave impressive presentations that kicked off the buzz felt throughout the entire E3 week.

We’ve already provided our Top 10 E3 2015 Moments, as well as our Top 5 Moments from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, so now it’s time to give final grades to the Big 3 for their E3 efforts. Head on down below to find out which company took the top grade, as well as which one finished last.

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