Does the Arkham Knight Debacle Spell Trouble for PC Gamers?

With console versions working fine, but the PC version still a mess at the end of release day, GamersFTW wonders whether Arkham Knight could be the start of a worrying trend.

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Pandamobile1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Why the hell would it spell trouble for PC gaming as a whole? Other developers aren't gonna look at this and try to emulate it. All it does is spell trouble for WB and Rocksteady brand.

cpayne931266d ago

It isn't like this is the first time it has happened... every platform has received its share of bad ports for as long as I remember. It just happens. But after some patches everything will be in order.

JamesBroski1266d ago

It seems to become more and more common though. It seems like most devs are just relaying on patches and don't mind delivering a broken product.

BassMan1251266d ago

If I remember, Batman Arkham City also started with tons of bugs and bad optimization. Even I couldn't get steady fps with my gtx 660Ti back then.
All in all, eventually they'll fix it.

starchild1266d ago

I knew people were going to try to use this poorly done port as an excuse to bash PC gaming in general.

The only way you can do that is if you ignore...

1. The vast majority of games run perfectly fine on PC.

2. Consoles get their fair share of bad ports.

When consoles get poorly running ports like Thief, Alien Isolation or AC Unity all of the blame is placed on the developers. But when the PC gets the occasional bad port it's suddenly indicative of a problem with PC gaming in general?

Peace_Love_and_FPS1266d ago

Not to mention Alien was finely made on PC

ATi_Elite1266d ago

Doom and Gloom. Doom and Gloom. Doom and Gloom.

Oh wait, Pc Gamers will just play other games until this crap port gets a proper patch.

Cough the Witcher 3,GTAV MOD, total war Atilla cough

Somebody1265d ago

I'm waiting for Arkham Knight to get price slashed in the next Steam Sale. It'll be several months from now and the game should run perfectly by then.

cpayne931265d ago

Yeah, I don't buy many games on release anyway, so this never really affects me.

Somebody1265d ago

They outsourced the game to 12 people to make the PC port. Enough said. No amount of AMD Furies can run a game properly if the dev and publisher don't even care about the PC version.

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trickman8881266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

"the start" Who was AC unity and MKX? not even going to bother clicking that god damn link.

Genova841266d ago

MKX is aso WB Games. Learned my lesson not to preorder anymore. Paid off this time.

JsonHenry1266d ago

Dunno. I play plenty of games on my PC and this games launch problems do not affect them in the least.

WizzroSupreme1266d ago

PC gamers have always been in the same boat as the rest of us – getting games late, broken, or not at all on their platform. Just your average day in the games industry, but it's a shame this has to involve a Rocksteady game.

Arty841266d ago

ok people pack it up !! this spells the end for gaming in general.. why? because I said so....

(see I can be just like the article writer too)

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The story is too old to be commented.