The GodisaGeek Podcast (23/6/15) - A New Hope

GodisaGeek: "Don't think of this as something new, think of this as "The Godcast - The Next Generation" (though we're not calling it the Godcast anyone. Fucking hell), as Dan "Nailz" Naylor, Mike "eSports" Stubbsy, and Dan "Murf" Murphy take the reigns of the podcast, and have their wicked way with it.

Fresh back from E3, Stubbsy is here to talk Star Wars (CHRIST IT SOUNDS GOOD) and Guitar Hero Live. Elsewhere, will we find out how Murf's deaf dog is getting on, or is he too busy playing Batman: Arkham Knight? Nailz is a busy News Editor, but is still banging away at The Witcher 3."

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