UBER Fidelity Suite blows Witcher 3 default visuals out of the water, True Next Gen Fidelity

UBER Fidelity Suite delivers mind blowing visuals that alter Witcher 3 in such a huge impact that it almost questions CDPR as to why they held back so much is the visual department for the release for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. The suite aims to provide users with not a E3 copycat, but a true next gen visual quality for the PC version of the game.

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Viryu2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

2 reasons why it's an unnecessary overkill for The Witcher:

1. The further you're in game, the more you watch the mini map where to go than actually enjoying the views. Most of my time, and pretty much all the time I'm travelling, is basically travelling by exclusively observing the minimap.
2. There's not much of "exploration" per say, more like, point A starts the quest, point B has a quest goal, point C is your reward NPC.

Skyrim had solution to both things. The GPS of sorts was nicely integrated into the HUD, so you still paid more attention to the actual environment before you. Whereas exploration had actual meaning. In The Witcher you know that all areas are just quest areas that you will be directed to when you have the right level. In Skyrim you explored for the sake of exploration. You strolled around the city because you wanted to, not to look for a quest NPC.

It's pretty much my second biggest complaint about The Witcher (after the horrid combat) - it has great quests, but it's pretty much only quests, and a very high intensity of those. There's little else to do outside of "collectible" bandit camps and treasure chests with generic loot. The Witcher 3 doesn't need better graphics, it needs a reason to explore and enjoy the world, something very few games are capable to do like TES series.

Live_Larry2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

You're right, it was great to aimlessly roam the vast, empty, uneventful world of skyrim in search of nothing special, except maybe those wonderfully crafted fetch quests - those were really fantastic.

That being said, the one department in which skyrim really outdid itself (and all of its competition) was its absolutely wonderful combat. It was really fun and special to confront all those generic enemies with awful generic spells, and clumsy, uninteresting, uninspired fps controls.

Oh and my favorite part, spending 45 mins of every hour harvesting herbs and materials and re-brewing the same crap over and over and over again. Really fun, and inspiring stuff!

nX2723d ago

Damn guys, just enjoy the games :D
Both games have serious flaws but both are awesome nonetheless.

Viryu2723d ago

That vast and empty map made me roam it aimlessly, completely ignoring the quests and making me pointlessly explore all its secrets. The Witcher 3 just doesn't have that "something," so it's mostly roaming from quest to quest.

Combat was still more personal than this Assassin's Creed clone. The Witcher = dodge, dodge, attack, counter, attack, every weapon is identical anyway.

And, uhm, that's about Witcher. Except the rebrewing everything, since potions in Skyrim existed just for NPCs to give you extra gold. You had a whole ecosystem there, with crafting your own weapons, armour, upgrades, enchantments, spells, leveling each skill and crating ability, etc. Skyrim was NOT all about going from quest to quest, it was fun even to stay in a town for longer periods of time doing what you'd call "nothing."

Testfire2723d ago

@Bloodborn, I agree. I loved every bit of Skyrim and I'm loving every bit of TW3, I can't stand the people that it has to be one game or the other, I don't get it. Enjoy both and if you can't STFU about it, we don't want to hear it in every TW3 or Bethesda article.

himdeel2723d ago

I agree 100%. I turned off my minimap because all I was doing was watching it and not enjoying the scenery. I didn't explore at all while it was on. I actually became more inquisitive without it and enjoyed the game more. Likewise, Skyrim did feel like you found something new when you discovered a new cave or spot not highlighted on the map. Witcher demands hud control to give the player a sense of exploration.

That being said this looks gorgeous.

_-EDMIX-_2723d ago

Agreed and agreed. I love the Witcher series and Elder Scrolls series, but I knew Witcher 3 being open world for the first time would result in them having some small issues that Elder Scrolls sorta perfected over the years.

If they had plans for a Witcher 4, it might have been fixed. Its a pretty small issue, but its why I play both lol, can't really have Elder Scrolls like Witcher or Witcher like Elder Scrolls.

starchild2723d ago

I don't agree with any of those things. I explore a lot in The Witcher 3 and I admire the scenery a lot. The combat, too, is excellent, in my view. Definitely some of the best combat I've ever experienced in a game of this type.

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OhMyGandhi2723d ago

the "realistic" setting looks damn sexy.
Watching this, while my PC copy of Arkham Knight sits uselessly on my hard drive makes me realize one thing: I bought the wrong game.

2723d ago
DoctorFry2723d ago

People are still on this game's graphics?

kraenk122723d ago

I always find myself resetting to the original settings. Somehow the art direction CDP was going for makes sense to me.

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