BagoGames | Small Spaceman, Big Charm: Lost Orbit Review

BagoGames: How many times have you picked up a cheap (or even free) game on the PSN store, only to play it for a brief while and never open again? Don’t get me wrong, PlayStation has had some fantastic Indie support lately, and there are tons of them well worth playing. There are even more that fall flat within a day or two, if not instantly. Lost Orbit is not one of those flops. Lost Orbit asks you for the commitment of a mobile game; You can marathon through it, or play it out in small satisfying chunks, but it packs the polished aesthetic and engaging story of AAA standards.

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AdamKoziol1212d ago

I was not expecting this game to score so well! Sony is on a roll at the moment.

lockedongamer11211d ago

They know how to pick them usually.

Ajoyshop1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

All these cool little games. Indie is where it is at right now. Makes me want to get a PS4. Probably check it out on Steam. :)

lockedongamer11212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Indie games have become the new AA. There are very few middle-budgeted games now.