The Division Beta Sign Up Now Open

You can now sign-up to be one of the first to play the upcoming open-world shooter/RPG during its Beta phase

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mikeslemonade1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

So you have to preorder the X1 version in order to be in the beta? I guess I shall cancel the preorder when the game comes out.

Nevermind, this is digital download only. If I preorder it I won't be able to cancel it through UPlay.

nX1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Yeah digital only, not cool. So I tried signing up for the "waiting list" but I wasn't able to enter my e-mail address anywhere. At the end it told me to check my mails... maybe they'll find me through Watch Dogs? :v

Skate-AK1239d ago

If you were signed into Uplay, it likely took your email from there.

fiveby91239d ago

I was able to sign-up for the PC wait list without problem using my uplay credentials.

Boozehound1239d ago

Pre-order through Amazon and get a code, then cancel.

SmielmaN1239d ago

This. Except I didn't cancel, game looks sweet.

MercilessDMercer1239d ago

Open beta you say... Right now you say... Timed exclusive? Well, screw you too

PANDAB1239d ago

They revealed this game way too soon. My interest has just gone way down

NerveGearneeded1238d ago

not only too soon but from gameplay videos seen, a underwhelming cover shooter with gadgets.

cfc831239d ago

Piss off. Betas should be open to all for free. They get feedback.

Sashamaz1239d ago

Betas are to be honest the full game with some bugs here and there, you are not entitled to it, no one is, if you are not happy with this either wait for the full game or avoid it.

cfc831239d ago

I was under the impression it was a small part of the game. Like destiny.

Mehmeh1239d ago

Except in Destiny the Beta turned out to be a larger part of the final game than one thought it was x)

frostypants1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

@cfc83, why "should" it? They don't have a right to determine the best approach for testing their own software? I can think of lots of reasons to control access, including but not limited to the current status of the server environment, keeping tabs on the effects of traffic demands and scaling it up, keeping feedback organized, discouraging freeloaders who'd just jump in to play for free without providing feedback, and in general avoiding total chaos.

On the other hand, explain why you feel entitled to it...

cfc831239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

It should be free because the devs want free feedback. I don't feel entitled to it either. I merely stated betas ought to be free, as was the case with destiny and bf:hardline as two examples. If the community reports issues, it can help devs\publishers from a business viewpoint. I don't see why people should commit to pre-ordering to test a game. Though i do accept if it's a full game beta then that's different. Not so sure that would work though. Order>complete game>cancel order would happen quite a bit.

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The story is too old to be commented.