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Mike Stubbs: "I suppose multiplayer is the thing you want to hear about most, so let’s start there. I played one match on the Walker Assault on Hoth map that was demoed at EA’s press conference. I was on the Rebel side, trying to destroy the AT-AT walkers that our opponents were trying to bring in. Things started out well: myself and a couple of others were easily picking off Storm Troopers from atop a small hill, while the rest of the team was engaged in fierce battles from the trenches. Our high-ground squad vantage point made sniping the enemy a joy."

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venom061211d ago

cannot wait for this one.. simple casual fun like the first 2 but with AMAZING graphics.. ready to destroy some rebel scum...

recto851210d ago

Never trust Disney, it might be sponsored marketing crap they put are all over internet. I'll never forgive them those kiddy SW cartoons. Star Wars games died with Lucas Arts.

_-EDMIX-_1210d ago

" Star Wars games died with Lucas Arts" you mean died "From" Luca's Arts right? lol.

I'd rather see that series in Bioware, DICE, Visceral etc. I'm sorry but Luca's Arts made some bad Star Wars games. The best Star Wars games have always been done by other teams.

What happened to 1313? Remember when they were making SWBF 3?
and ladies and gentlemen...SHOTS HAVE BEEEEEEEN FIRED!

The_Sage1210d ago

This is defiantly a first day purchase for me. The more I see, the more I look forward to it.

LuckyDuck121210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

My friends and I have been waiting for the day this game would come for so long! So glad DICE is making it, looks so damn good!! We made a pact for us to quit our jobs, divorce our wives and lock ourselves in a man cave for at least a month when the game comes out. Can't wait!!!