Publishers are the biggest obstacle for certain Xbox 360 games not appearing on Xbox One

Publishers are the biggest obstacle facing some Xbox 360 games being backwards compatible on Xbox One, according to Microsoft.

Partner director of platform management Mike Ybarra explained that game selection is based on two factors. One is fan feedback - which it is assessing through an online poll now - and the other is whether publishers will allow their games to carry forward.

"The biggest challenge we have is getting the publishers and developers to approve them. Once we get the approval, it's pretty simple," he told Digital Spy at E3 2015.

"Then we look at, what's the fan feedback on titles that they want, what's the most used Xbox 360 games right now - we take all of that and prioritise the list based on that criteria."

When asked about Xbox Original games, Ybarra said that Xbox 360 games are "our focus".

"Right now we're really focused on the fan feedback that we have on getting 360 games there," he said. "We'll have to go look at the data and see what all the fan feedback is on Originals."

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fermcr1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

"Publishers are the biggest obstacle for certain Xbox 360 games not appearing on Xbox One"

Of course they are. If they allow their games to be BC with the X1, how would they justify the remasters/remakes?

UnHoly_One1240d ago

Yes, that is what worries me.

I'd love to have a bunch of old 360 games playable on the XB1, but I'm not holding my breath for "everything" to be made available.

bouzebbal1239d ago

the way they announced the BC was like full 360 library. Now we get a half BC.
Of course in this case publishers will be the obstacle. They need to justify the remasters they have been planning for a while.
PS4/X1 remasters from previous gen don't really add much compared to HD remasters from PS2 days. I bought almost all HD remasters from PS2 on PS3 because they added so much.
I still have my PS3 and 360 so unless there is a massive enhancement, games from last gen will stay on last gen consoles.

Mikefizzled1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

They didn't announce it like it was the whole library at all. They said there will be over 100 titles for its launch later this year.

If you were under the impression otherwise it will be journalists skewing their words.

freshslicepizza1239d ago

"the way they announced the BC was like full 360 library. Now we get a half BC."

it was their goal, they never once said they will have full bc. watch the e3 conference, they said 100 titles by the end.

if they have the games to also be purchased for those who want to play them but don't have the disk then this is good for those developers. it also builds new interest which can also help the publishers.

i have a suspicion certain publishers like activision will not be very supportive. they want you to buy the new call of duty games and not keep the servers going for online.

bnoyes1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Why spend resources remastering a game when you can just have MS add it to the BC list and sell it for $10-20 on the Xbone. They can make money by literally doing nothing. I'm guessing most publishers would be fine with that.

I doubt that enough people bought the Games on Demand versions on the 360 for them to lose a ton of sales because people already own the games digitally.

twiggytree121240d ago

Why would someone pay $10-$20 for a game on the x1 when they could just get it used at gamestop for $4-$6 and just pop it in the x1?

dkp231240d ago

First nobody will rebuy the games and second there would be huge backlash if people were forced to repay for a game that plays exact Same as original, not even a graphics update like remasters.

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holysmokesbatman1240d ago

BUT it's also an Easley way to increase sales on old games without spending money creating remastered versions of every game. It's a no brainer.


Finally....This is the first article I have seen on this. I like MS new approach of pretty much leaving everything up to the developers, but this scares me because these devs might not want people to have access to their games on the new systems. I don't see RDR coming because they probably want to milk us with a $40-$60 remaster.

I like this, because it puts the pressure on the devs, a lot of times Sony and MS get blamed for a lot of things while the devs/publishers sit back and play the innocent role. For cannot blame MS if your favorite game is not BC, its on the devs now.

dkp231240d ago

Or ms has no authority to release games on a new console.

Christopher1240d ago

No s*** Sherlock.

Who puts DRM in games? Publishers
Who sells off bits of games as DLC? Publishers
Who makes ridiculous exclusive deals? Publishers
Who will not enable BC on any console if they don't get any more money from it? Publishers

thecowsaysmoo1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

They should have an option to buy 360 games through xbox live and play them on xbox one. This will convince a lot of publishers to release their games.

Edit: Also, there isn't that many companies making hd remasters / rereleases other than Sony and Capcom.


Those games are remakes and not remasters. Unlike sony/capcom games they actually put effort into those games.

Christopher1240d ago

Microsoft (MCC and GoW Remastered)
Square Enix (Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs)

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Bytor1240d ago

IF you could play it strait off the disk then there would be nothing they could do.

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