Destiny: The Taken King director defends £40 expansion price tag

Bungie has defended the full-fat £40 price tag of Destiny's upcoming major expansion The Taken King, as well as the fact that fans will have to repurchase the base game and its existing two add-ons to access exclusive content in The Taken King's Collector's Edition.

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-Foxtrot1238d ago

You can't defend this

This is still only a fragment of what should have been in the main game

freshslicepizza1237d ago

if people buy it then that is all the defence they need unfortunately. this is what happens when you make a deal with activision and they spend that kind of money on the ip.

xHeavYx1238d ago

They are crazy to charge that much for the DLC, especially when you can get the collector's edition with all DLC for $60.


It is crazy, but at the end of the day we only have ourselves to blame...

I didn't buy the season pass or previous expansions because I felt they were a ripoff as they were.

so many people try to justify it and not just call it out for what it was.

and I keep saying when we support this crap, the publishers/dev's will just keep pushing to see how much more they can squeez out from us while delivering as little as possible.

When we really thought they couldn't take the piss anymore with DLC.. they throw this at us.

Thing is, if everyone jumps on this and defends it, other devs will start charging the same.

I still have Destiny but i have not payed for any of its DLC and not played it since prob Nov last year.

I'd sell it if I could actually get some good cash for it but it's almost worthless now anyway.

Septic1238d ago

And I thought the other DLC was a rip-off...

Well I'm all Destiny'd out. So much potential flushed down the toilet. I know quite a few who play this on a daily basis but I just can't face the recycle-fest this always was.

Neonridr1238d ago

wait.. did you get your Gally yet? You can't quit.. :P

Septic1238d ago

Ah I quit :( The Gally was never supposed to be mine. But apparently the Plan C fusion rifle was my destiny! I got bleedin 4 of those useless things ha.

Destiny is good for just laying back and playing with mates but even that got tiresome. I'm retiring my ghost for a long time.

Neonridr1238d ago

You cannot defend this in any way shape or form. Basically anyone who buys the Taken King physically gets the base game plus both expansions for free. I purchased the initial Collector's Edition for $100. And now I have to spend another $75-80 on all that initial content all over again, just to get this expansion...

It truly is ridiculous. And I am a sucker for the physical swag so I had to preorder that stupid Collector's Edition for $100 again.. lol

-Foxtrot1238d ago

That Collectors edition when it first came out should have given you a Season pass that unlocks ALL the content for this game

It's something all collectors editions should be doing.

Like a Master DLC code or something which grants you the Season pass for all future content and also it gives you all the pre order shit out there.

Neonridr1238d ago

I wish that was the case. But once the House of Wolves came out, that was it. Collector's Edition over.. make way for the "NEW" Collector's Edition.. lol

NixonMonoxide1238d ago

I agree. "Sucker" is definitely the word I'd use to describe you too. It's extremely hilarious that you're still complaining about the sort of practices you're actively supporting.

Just because they put "COLLECTOR'S" on it, and maybe give you a cheap fast food statue, doesn't make it worth shit.

How about all those "amazing" COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS for the PS3 & 360s?.......Oh hang on....You can't even play them on the XONE/PS4 bricks.

--Onilink--1237d ago

well if you just want "to get this expansion", you only need to pay $40 (which considering we dont know how much content it has, i think its a bit early to say if its too much or not). No one is forcing you to buy a collectors edition version of DLC

As for the change rate from dollars to pounds, its not like Bungie is to blame, even Activision. This has been the case for as long as I can remember, i dont really know why (probably more taxes or something like that) and it happens with pretty much all games

Neonridr1237d ago

Oh I know I can just get the digital version for $40. However I prefer physical. Which means I have to spend $75 to get the disc which includes all the other expansions and the base game included. For an extra $20 I can get the collector's edition that has a couple of cool physical swag items. Not essential, but since I am going physical, might as well get the extra stuff.

Rookie_Monster1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

So this is what Sony exclusive deal was with Bungie? A £40 expansion the XB1 and X360 players won't get until the fall?

When Halo 5 releases and comes out with EVERY DLC Map free for gamers, Destiny will be long forgotten. This is just rediculous. LoL

1238d ago
slinky1234561238d ago

The exclusive deal Sony made with them is just little parts in the DLC. NOT THE WHOLE DLC. The DLC is available for everyone, just a gun a strike and some armor is PS exclusive for a year.

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