Bungie's Disastrous 'Taken King' Interview Could Have Ramifications For 'Destiny'

Bungie has stepped into an easily-avoidable minefield with a recent interview conducted by Eurogamer with Taken King Creative Director Luke Smith. The interview, which has been spread around the Destiny community far and wide since it was released, is incredibly testy and has rubbed most who have read it the wrong way.

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kratoz12091215d ago

Hope so.
I hope bungie wakes up and comes to realisation that there pricing is shit.
Seriously dark below and house of wolves has got to be the worst expansion packs for any game I have seen.

Perjoss1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

They should scrap the current system and make each expansion either a new planet or some kind of giant ship or space station like The Citadel in Mass Effect. Its incredibly lazy to recycle content like they have been, same planets, same enemies, especially considering that Destiny has done quite well for them. Right now it feels like there is just a small team working on this while the bulk of the devs have moved onto other projects.

I hate that their idea of a story is a line of dialog during the loading screen and then a couple more lines of dialog while you fight waves of recycled enemies.

Yardragon1215d ago

quite like MS's "deal with it"...very very pathetic.
to add, it is also activision's product and problem.

stavrami1215d ago

No chance.... crack has a bad name for itself but unfortunately people still struggle getting away from it lol.the best thing ever to happen to me was the lizard squad ddos attacks while the antics did drive me mad and make me want to hunt them down, there ability to make me go 5 days cold turkey over Xmas totally broke the hold

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The story is too old to be commented.