ZTGD | Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Review

Ken McKown writes: Capcom has found a new love in remastering older titles for the HD age. Their latest entry is the polarizing Devil May Cry 4. The fourth entry in the series was the last developed by Capcom’s Japanese team, and featured a brand new character named Nero. It was mostly polarized due to the fact that the game was broken into two sections, one with Nero, and one with Dante, but Dante’s missions were basically retreading what Nero had already done. Still the combat was great and the bosses imaginative, and I remember having a blast with it. This new version shines up the visuals, as well as adding a ton of new content to play around with.

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hkgamer1303d ago

not sure if they did, but i think could have released it as dlc for pc gamers. seems a little sad that they havent.

also cant believe that i am excited about this. i thought i liked the nt dmc but the japanese anime style dante still is cool.