Xbox Live & iTunes Movie Service Cause Broadband Traffic Surge

A new iTunes movie-download service from Apple Computer along with the release of six new games for the Microsoft Xbox 360 caused a significant volume surge on North American broadband networks in recent weeks, according to traffic measurements made by a Canadian network equipment supplier. The surge is a clear reflection of the growing popularity of these services.

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DixieNormS4381d ago

It may mean that there will be a higher capacity broadband hedding our way faster than we think.

PS360PCROCKS4381d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking, europe and other countries have faster and cheaper hi-speed internet than what we currently subscribe too in the U.S.

Fanboys are gay4380d ago

not in this part of europe we dont(ireland), i pay $50 a month for a 3mb dl and 256k ul with a limit of 80gb

96impala4380d ago

Man, it should get a surge, I mean every time I log on to play G.O.W I end up playing with a bunch of p*ssys that catch feelings cause they want to only play with their friends. Im starting to hate xbox live now. The sh*t is disgusting. G.O.W is so much fun online but these people make it a horrible experience. F*ckaz!