Batman: Arkham Knight Is A Technical Mess On The PC, High versus Low Comparison Screenshots

John of DSOGaming writes: "Batman: Arkham Knight has just been released and it appears that Rocksteady went full “Ubisoft.” Batman: Arkham Knight suffers from a lot of tech issues on the PC. From underwhelming performance to stuttering and asset streaming issues, this PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight is easily as awful as Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs or Assassin’s Creed: Unity. No, in fact this is worse than Unity, because – like it or not – Unity at least displayed gorgeous visuals (albeit its awful LOD settings)."

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Ezz20131212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Tips To be able to play Batman arkham knight with smooth 60fps at 1080p

Use The freaking BatComputer.

Mega241212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

I'm playing it at 1080p 60fps, with the work around (GTX970). The only problem is the game crashing at cutscenes.

Adexus1212d ago

What workaround is this? Got 2x970's but SLI is completely broken on it and I actually get worse performance with it enabled.

Grap1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

WOW you are the only one then playing it, cause my GTX970 and all reddit users of this specific card hardly maintain 30FPS.
So sire what did you do?

Mega241212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Well, you guys know there's a tweak for the 30fps cap right? Just remove it, and you're done. It runs on 60fps, but it has dips from time to time, mainly driving the Batmobile, the dips are from 45 to 50.

It's running smoothly for me, my specs:
i5 4460
MSI B85-G41 PC Mate
8GB HyperX Ram 1600mhz

jmc88881212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Works good on my i7 [email protected] and stock OC GTX 970

All I changed in the ini was the MAXFPS line from 30 to 120.

Here's some numbers from their internal benchmarks...

4k max settings and gameworks = 18fps avg
4k max settings except no AA and no gameworks 24fps avg
1440p max settings and gameworks 40 something FPS
1080p max settings and gameworks 58 FPS
1080p max settings and no gameworks 88 FPS avg
1080p max settings except AA and with smoke/light shafts/rain but no paper debris from gameworks 61 FPS

This game on my Nvidia/Intel setup works fine, in fact it works quite well.

The smoke gameworks is a big fps eater at about 22-30 FPS less then if it was off, but it also looks REALLY REALLY cool. Basically the last option of 61 fps is 38-125 FPS when actually in the main game. On foot it regularly averages 75-100.

Most of the cutscenes run around 90 FPS.

Win 7, have the new Nvidia patch (yesterday), and I have 16 GB's of ram, and the game via task manager sucks up almost 8GB's, at least after leaving the game running all night.

I can also confirm that going between zones seems to have some hitch. But that probably won't be solved in games like this until DX12.

Also running it without V-Sync, borderless window.

No crashes so far.

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Hoffmann1212d ago

That was expected..its a Warner Bros game..and they give a shit about PC ports lately it seems.

aquaticDonut1212d ago

High,low, 4k, 480p, doesn't matter. You can't run it at stable 60 FPS without framedrops or stutter. Period.

SniperControl1212d ago

I've had to force my second gtx970 into PhysX mode for the game to run ok during the Batmobile sections, still stutters a litlle but better than it was.

aquamala1212d ago

but where can you play this game at 60 fps without framedrops?

aquaticDonut1212d ago

Nowhere. Unless Rocksteady gets their shit together.

UltraNova1212d ago

There's a $1.7 billion supercomputer in China that can probably run it at 1080p/60fps but I'm sure it will still crash.

Fishy Fingers1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Disappointing when you consider its UE3, an engine that's proved itself time and time again to scale well, make good (sensible) hardware demands and be very dev friendly.

Glad I didn't pre order, by PC buddies with good - excellent set ups are not impressed at all.

SteamPowered1212d ago

Dangit. The ONE game Ive ever bought at launch and its a bat-turd...

JamesBroski1212d ago

you can get a refund on Steam ;)

SteamPowered1212d ago

I went for the cheap and got it on Cdkeys with the DLC. I dont know their refund policy all that well. I havent used the key yet, so there may be hope.
Oh well, sounds like pressure is mounting on the Devs, so Im hoping for a patch soon.

JamesBroski1212d ago


This is really frustrating. I really do hope they'll actually focus and put effort on the PC version. It is inexcusable to sell a product like that to customers...

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