Nintendo’s lukewarm E3 was exactly what fans needed

Shane Wall -- "I was praying for this year’s E3 to be a disaster for Nintendo. It wasn’t a complete shambles, but it was certainly the worst for a long time… and I couldn’t be happier."

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Sly-Lupin1266d ago

Eh, it was certainly more amusing than any of the big conferences. Did you watch Square-Enix' conference? It was so ****ing dull.

Nintendo should get points for keeping their E3 short and focused.

chrisx1266d ago

Were u watching last years e3 instead?

Nerdmaster1266d ago

Although I prefer Nintendo's video presentation over the live version that other companies do (I really hate those awkward pauses that every live presentation has), the lack of big surprises hurt it.

Also, I think Nintendo should put less "developer stories" in the video. Although they're interesting, especially the one where they talked about how they made the first Super Mario, it isn't what E3 viewers want to see.

And Square's conference wasn't dull. It showed only good games (at least none was terrible) and the pacing was good.

curtis921266d ago

Describe..... 'focused'

One-Shot1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Next time don't watch E3 drunk.

Sony's and MS's were the best in years and faaaaaar better than Nintendo's.

wonderfulmonkeyman1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

@ one shot

"best in years"

Dude, stop snorting the fan-crack: all three have had way better E3's than this in the not-very-distant past.

Spotie1266d ago

Only Nintendo has had way better E3s recently. Just because theirs was abysmal is no reason for you to try and say the others weren't so good, monkeyman. Just accept it was bad and move on.

Sly-Lupin1265d ago

Focused = discussing games that are nearly finished, and due to be released soon.

Compared to the CGI trailers for games that have barely started development.

Presentation was also interesting. The E3 direct from Nintendo was short and when out of its way to be amusing. The other conferences? Long, padded out with really shameless advertising, and really poor presentation. You could have cut 80% of SE's conference by excising all of the irrelevant talking, and then have the relevant talking take place at the SAME TIME as gameplay videos.

But, by all means, continue to think Nintendo's presentation was terrible simply because you weren't interested in their games. That makes complete sense, I'm sure.

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chrisx1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

What's going on at ninty? These guys look clueless at the moment. New/fresh leadership is required

Dunban671266d ago

This article makes zero sense. Assuming most Ninty fans own a Wii U- then this e3 is exactly what Wii U owners did not need. It is confirmation that long awaited games will not show up on the Wii U and that the Wii u's days are numbered. After 2.5 years of many droughts they are already winding it up - so how is that good? If you don t have a wii u but may be interested in the NX then ok maybe but generally a failed console t not good for anyone.

So far Nintenod has not indicated they are learning from their many mistakes either so the NX is def not a guaranteed success

jholden32491266d ago

The only people saying they're winding it down are a bunch of Internet armchair analysts and speculators. Nintendo has stated they're not even going to TALK about their next console until next year some time, much less release it. They just confirmed Zelda U IS COMING TO WII U next year. As is Shin Megami Tensi x Fire Emblem.

You guys don't follow what's going on with the Wii U. You just read headlines and then speculate wildly based on what some other guy told you. Listen, the presentation was lame. Yes, nobody is arguing that. But WHY was it lame?

You want to know why? Because they left out a bunch of games that are coming, just completely omitted them from the presentation. And they had so many games announced years and years before their release that are finally dropping in the next 6-9 months.

Splatoon just launched. Free DLC still releasing regularly.
Yoshi's Wooly World
Xenoblade X
Devil's Third
Fatal Frame
Star Fox Zero
Super Mario Maker
Fast Racing Neo
Mario Tennis
Zelda U
SMT x Fire Emblem

All but two of these games will be out before the end of the year. They have a bunch of games coming they just don't have a bunch of games coming we didn't already know about. It's not like they have the entire third-party Armada supporting their platform right now. This entire generation they've been supporting this console by themselves. So is it really any wonder that from time to time it might not seem like there's a whole bunch of new announcements coming?

Just sayin. The presentation might've sucked but the sheer volume of incoming games this year is more than impressive. And we already have a few games on the books for next year, with many Directs to follow.

Ya they're probably thinking of winding down starting late next year, but that still leaves us with a couple years of games. And we're already almost 3 years in. I don't know why people are trying so hard to act like Wii U has no games on the way and Nintendo is abandoning it right now.

This isn't Sony or the Vita. We have a long list of great games on the way as we speak.

superchiller1266d ago

@ jholden3249 - Come on man, re-read what you wrote, it's nothing more than a bunch of fanboy excuses for a company that is completely out of touch with the gaming community. All your excuses aren't going to change the fact that the Wii U is a barren wasteland for games, with almost nothing more coming in its last year of life. Do you ever get tired of the endless damage control?

And trying to throw in derogatory stuff about the Vita, which is still getting fantastic games on a regular basis, just shows your biased fanboy attitude. Very sad.

Timbalada1266d ago


Thank you for reading the article. The author only states it's good because it means the nx is coming but doesn't elaborate why that is a benefit to gamers (which it currently isn't).

Even though I agree on some of your points, dunban67 was replying to the authors beliefs and I wouldn't fit him in the same category as some of the other commenters who you referred to as "armchair analysts".

Even though a lot of jholden3249s comments were definitely bias, he isn't completely wrong. Even though we are not getting as many ports from third parties, our exclusives have been some of the best this generation. Sony and Microsoft didn't have many titles that were announced immediately and Sony has a serious lack of compelling first party content. I think with Nintendo it is frustrating because they have many more IPs that are not being fully utilized and the games they do release can be content light or miss features that could create an extraordinary experience.

I won't say some cheesy bull about how all systems are great and the gamers win, because it simply isn't true. All the companies are not living up to their potential one way or another and has created a lackluster generation, even if some of the best games are being created.

WizzroSupreme1266d ago

Maybe it's exactly what fans needed to scare Nintendo into delivering a decent E3 next year.

RPGrinder1266d ago

This article is nonsense. Nintendo has had the best E3 for the past 2 years. So it was not as strong this year. So what. They still brought the games

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