Fallout 4's male lead is NOT voiced by Troy Baker

When it was confirmed that Fallout 4's lead characters will be fully voiced for the first time in the series, many thought that Troy Baker was the man responsible for providing the voice of the male lead. He is in every video game ever, after all.

Not so, as the actor is in fact Brian T. Delaney.

The female voice actress has also been confirmed as Courtenay Taylor.

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wheresmymonkey1214d ago

Lies! Every lead in every game is voiced by either Troy Baker or Nolan North. there are no other voice actors. They all died off in some sort of mass extinction in the late 90s. :P

poppinslops1214d ago

Apparently videogame and voiceover acting are tricky scenes to break into... unless you're already famous (Ellen Page, Kevin Space-Dog, Sutherland Snake etc) you're gonna have a tough time competing with veterans like Monsiuers Baker and North (who are apparently good friends - Hell, they probably have a whole gang of VO/mocappers, roughing-up anyone who steps on their toes).

It's a conspiracy of the lowest order!

Mega241214d ago

I think Keith Sutherland is great as Big Boss. Ground Zero was a taste for his voice I think, and I think it worked out pretty well.

I think is a taboo withing the actors community, like doing voice over for video games is as low you can get or something.

poppinslops1214d ago

Yeah, it's wierd that they leap at the chance to dub a Pixar or a Ghibli film, but stay away from videogames... It's not like there isn't money to be made, and it can expose you to a whole new audience.

Gary Oldman (Gordon from Nolan's Batman trilogy) said he's constantly meeting CoD fans, many of whom ask if he's ever done any other acting... Kiefer said he hadn't shouted that much since his last divorce.

I don't know if I want to see more celebs in games... I don't mnd hearing their voices, but Kevin Spacey (and Mr Baker) kind of put me off buying CoD AW - even though it looks like a blast - and I guess the reason for that was the sense of overfamiarity.

That said, I'd love to see a Morgan Freeman simulator where he just walks around, narrating for strangers.

GameSpawn1214d ago

Actually once you are in the industry other voice actors that you work with "market" you when they get jobs (if you were good and memorable anyway).

That is why you see the "Funimation" voice actors in almost everything together (video games, anime, and even American animation). They sell each other.

Voice acting is a tough industry though. I believe it was Steve Blum that stated in one of the voice acting documentaries that you are constantly unemployed. As soon as you run through all your lines and walk out the door - you are done - they pay you for the job and you get to be unemployed until you make the next casting call. It's a roller-coaster.

uth111214d ago

I know! Without Troy, how does this even qualify as a videogame?

3-4-51214d ago

* Maybe.....They hired " Troy north" & " Nolan Baker" instead.

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HaveSumNuts1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Yes! I'm sick of hearing the same dude in most games.

MyDietEqualsGames1214d ago

I'm glad it's not Baker. Not that I have a problem with his VA, it's just he really is in a lot of games and I feel up and comers need more exposure or we just need more variety in general.

SlightlyRetarted1214d ago

But Troy can chance his voice pretty well. People are turning against him because he's in pretty much every major video game these days.

JamesBroski1214d ago

Well the dude has talent.

Bathyj1214d ago


To hell you say.

poppinslops1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Oh, thank God!

Gilbert Gottfried still has a chance...

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