Destiny's DLC Debacle Is Simply Vulgar

Many months after release there are hordes of fanatical players continuing to play and enjoy Destiny – something that Bungie must be genuinely delighted by.

And yet, it seems that loyalty and devotion to the game is being thoroughly taken for granted. Even outright exploited.

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shodan741218d ago

The sad thing is, a LOT of people keep on buying unreasonably priced DLC and extras, which is helping make it an established norm.

kneon1218d ago

I'm doing my part, I stopped playing in December and haven't bought any of the DLC. Maybe I'll buy them one day when I can get them all in the bargain bin.

freshslicepizza1218d ago

destiny is one of the most expensive games ever made so there are two angles to view this from. one is they could hope that they sell x amount of games to try and recoup the costs or they can try and use dlc.

i already knew the partnership with bungie and activision would turn out this way. activision is already doing season passed for call of duty which is another form of charging more.

so the question is this, if a game cost 20 million to make and it's a full game with no dlc and they charge $60 people are fine with it. but when a game is 200 million dollars (with marketing) and they charge $60 plus a bunch of dlc we are not fine with it. personally i believe games should be a full game at release unless it's explained clearly that it isn't (such as episodic games like the walking dead). and that dlc should be sued to further extent interest, not finalize the game.

thekhurg1218d ago

And do what exactly?

Be years behind the gear curve and unable to do anything with other players of any substantial value?

Or do you approach Destiny as a single player experience? If so, I can understand your desire to wait till everything is super cheap.

Palitera1218d ago

^ That's the point. The game is completely designed around selling DLC.

kneon1217d ago


I didn't often play with people. I tried the PvP in the beta, I found it unbalanced and unexciting so I never tried it again. I played most everything solo and never played the raids.

Originally I had no intent to buy the game but I was able to get it for half price at launch so I thought I might as well. So having put in over 300 hours I got my moneys worth. But the DLC just seems like such a ripoff that I just can't be bothered, I've got other things to play.

immoracle1217d ago

Have we yet figured out how destiny is the most expensive game yet? I mean, I could do without the live action commercials. Other than advertising, I can't imagine where that money went. I mean it's not in the content.

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Rikuide_Furame1218d ago

Glad I got out early. Bought the base game, believing the core idea of the game was great. Soon realised how little content I had paid for and expected the host of expensive DLC. £40 for an expansion is ridiculous.

Omnisonne1218d ago

Same here. I actually believed the location of the beta (Old Russia, Earth) was like a tutorial area, perhaps 5% of the entire game, not 25%.

To be honest, I'm feeling bad for anyone buying these DLCs in an instant. In my eyes Destiny plays on a dirty kind of addiction, the game itself is as empty as they come, yet people are willing to spend 4-5 hour runs mowing through the same enemies, same locations, and same tedious bulletsponge bosses? For over almost a year? I don't know, maybe im just crazy

DivoJones1218d ago

Agreed. Wayyy too much recycling of missions and areas, and re-skins of existing models pitched as 'new content'. I bought the first expansion pass, but that's the last dollar they're getting from me.

Chaosdreams1218d ago

I purchased the game in faith. Got rid of it before the first expansion hit. I know garbage when I see it. I'm all about the story and...

there is no damn story in Destiny.

HammadTheBeast1217d ago

The worst part is how the trailers hyped it up as if it was gonna have a cool story with Peter Dinklage as well, and they had so many directions to go with it, but it just fell flat.

kneon1217d ago

And that's why I have no compelling reason to play the DLC. If there was a decent story and the DLC helped move that forward then I'd be interested, but the story is lame and poorly told and from what I've heard the DLC does little if anything to help the story along.

KyRo1217d ago

The problem with destiny is that the story ain't still finished. Most games release DLC to extend the game beyond the story of the original game you paid for. Destiny ain't letting us finish the story without pumping money into it which is one of the biggest d*ck moves in recent gaming in my opinion.

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The-Marb1218d ago

I mistakenly bought the season pass and its burned me so badly I wont be buying one again. Yes, The House of Wolves was an improvement over The embarrassment of content that was The Dark Below but that's like saying breaking your kneecap is better than chopping your leg off.

If The Taken King arrives with (as I expect) only one new planet and a handful of mission for a full price title, Bungie and Acti will have shown their true colours i.e. that the only fans they listened to were the ones they wanted to.

I'm not surprised by Acti, after all look at the price of the DLC map packs for CoD. But Bungie...I feel let down. I don't mean to sound like a drama queen, I usually hate complaining but these guys made some quality DLC for Halo and charges reasonable prices.

If you enjoy Destiny, I am happy for you and wouldn't want to take it away from you. I am envious really; I wish I could see past the corporate greed and lack of content to the core of a good game lurking below.

Destiny has the potential to be a truly great game but until they address these huge concerns, this game isnt getting in my disc slot again.

shodan741218d ago

Huge shame it's turned out this way. I really feel for you and other people who shelled out for a season pass, and (rightly) expected so much more.

Bungie built up insane levels of goodwill over the years with Halo, and it seems they're in danger of squandering that now.

TimeSkipLuffy1218d ago

For me both DLCs were more or less the same amount of cheap content. It comes down to what you actually prefer to play. I am waiting what the new DLC will give me and then decide if I want to buy it or not.

Sm00thNinja1218d ago

Can we all agree that Destiny was the single biggest disappointment this generation thus far?

pompombrum1218d ago

It's disappointing for the wrong reasons though. There is a genre defining game tucked away in Destiny. The problem is they took it out of the oven too soon though and it ended up feeling half baked. This could have and should have been this generations COD 4 but ultimately it just feels like a missed opportunity. Hopefully Destiny 2 will be the game we all hoped Destiny was but going by Bungie's actions lately, I'm not counting on it.

immoracle1217d ago

I prefer a free fix to Destiny before I start talking Destiny 2. But to be honest, this ship has sailed. Too many other options are on the Horizon. See what I did there?

Kyizen1218d ago

Not going to defend pricing. Imo both Dark Below and House of Wolves should of been 20. That being said Destiny is far far far from a disappointment. It was over hyped but at the same time there is no other game like it. Story sucks but game play is top notch, net code is great connecting and playing with friends. It has been out less than a year and they have continued to improve and tweak it. So perfect next coming of halo? No way, but biggest disappointment um not at all

kayoss1218d ago

Its disappointing on how bungie treats their loyal fans and early adopters. But the game is a success regardless. It seems that they are rewarding late adopters by giving them dlc at a discounted price. Where as the early adopter are paying out of their nose.

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ZaWarudo1218d ago

How would one value this for newcomers? The Legendary edition is enticing, but the lack of raid matchmaking is a huge turn-off.

Knuckle Duster1218d ago

Raid match making needs to happen Asap! I have yet to experience them because finding 6 peeps to get online and play is impossible for me! Bungi's basically Telling me I'm S.O.L I guess....... Thanks Bungie

Kyizen1218d ago

Should there be matchmaking yes...but if you put in the effort it is not hard to get 5 people to raid with you. and /r/fireteams are great places to check out if you are looking to raid.

Perjoss1218d ago


It doesn't really make much sense though, if thousands of people are going to forums to make pickup groups with random people for raiding then why not just add this feature into the game via matchmaking. If they do not want to spoil the experience for the skilled players then just have the matchmaking as a separate optional thing.

I just find it bizarre that a chunk of the game is locked away from players that do not have a bunch of friends that play the game. It's the same story with the grimoire, why on earth make people leave the game and go to a website to read up on the lore.

marlinfan101218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )


Just go to the destinylfg website and you'll find a full game for the raid in 2 minutes.

I agree though, there should be matchmaking. We shouldn't need to go to a website to find people.


I'd hop in when the next expansion comes out if you're interested in it. There's not a good story, but the gameplay is some of the best of the generation imo. Raids are fun, crucible is great, and the prison of elders are pretty sweet too. There's enough content now to where you aren't playing the same strikes over and over anymore. Hopefully the next expansion adds a couple new raids and a lot of armor

pompombrum1218d ago

Well look on the bright side, they can use the extra money they are making off us Brits to give their employees some PR training. Going by the Eurogamer interview and some of Deej's responses last night, they are in dire need of some.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1218d ago

He was really on the defensive there, and had nothing, absolutely nothing to say back. It was good to see, I'm pretty pissed about those exotic class items and hopefully this will spur change.

pompombrum1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

In his defence, the interviewer was pretty pushy and that would have been difficult to deal with those sort of questions for almost anyone. I think Deej's comments annoyed me more though to be fair.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1217d ago

Sorry I meant to hit agree! (Darn laggy mobile browser). He definitely was, you can see a lot of that when their exchanges are shortened and the retorts from the interviewer to his questions were snippy, but it was an issue that needed attention :) I definitely think DeeJ could've handled it better, but he shouldn't have had to handle it because it shouldn't be an issue.

jdiggitty1218d ago

Where is Deej's response? Not sure I saw that yet. I can imagine though. He often comes off as a smug prick to me

pompombrum1217d ago

The Eurogamer article is updated with quotes from Deej, probably easier than finding the responses individually.

Smug prick sums some of the responses up perfectly.

"The Collector's Edition is mostly sold out, so the people who found that stuff valuable jumped at the chance," Deej added in a separate post. "You'll likely see it sold on eBay for much more than what we're asking. But that's not the point. Right"

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