Top 20 Essential Games For PS4

A subjective list, as any is, we run down what games we feel provide the best gaming experiences currently available for the PlayStation 4.

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OB1Biker1265d ago

What a list.. no DriveClub, no The Order 1886, No Killzone, no LBP3, I know 'Fez' is cute but come on, I dont know, Injustice? SF? FF? or you know.. The Batman or PLanetside2

mikepattonfan1265d ago

Just because something is an exclusive doesn't mean it's an essential - I'd take a cross-platform release over The Order 1886 or Killzone any day. LBP3 though? Me and him are tight.

OB1Biker1265d ago

It's a matter of taste what you like but in the few exclusives I listed I'm confident at least one of them is more 'essential' than Fez. Anyway it doesn't matter I just found it weird.