Kingdom Hearts III Receives 2 New Visuals

Square Enix has released 2 new visuals for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III.

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Jimboms1217d ago

This game looks awesome, can't wait for it

James-GAMES1217d ago

At the bottom of this article in writing it says "Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled for a release somewhere in 2015." I can't believe there is people that actually believe this game is coming out this year. KH3 is a 2017 game if you ask me.

tekksin1217d ago

well disney is behind it, and they kinda churn things out like crazy. Hopefully they can influence the development pipeline hell that is a nomura vision.

Besides, although the visuals are great, they are simplified in their details and animation, so I assume things are faster to make. That star gun Sora is holding certainly doesn't look as detailed as a sword from FF15's demo.

Harkins17211217d ago

Could be place holders as well. Just like the HUD.

zugdar1217d ago

All major KH games have had the Disney Interactive bill so I think SE can calm them down and release it when ready like they always have.

jannytime1217d ago

Don't be too surprised if it ends up coming out next year.
There goes a weeks vacation.

C L O U D1217d ago

Sora's hair seems to have more weight to it now...

trenso11217d ago

The game looks great but im not really liking the cell shaded direction they are going with this