EA's taking the Sims to Hollywood gave it's opinion on the recent news that EA would be developing movies based on their stable of properties.

From the article: "Edge Online (formerly Next Generation) is reporting that Electronic Arts have signed a deal with the United Talent Agency in Hollywood to bring their franchises to the big screen. The deal with the acting and writing agency will allow EA unparalleled access to scriptwriters, actors, producers and directors so their IPs can be converted to a less interactive, more watchable format.

Hit the jump for more on this, and prepare to cower under your seats once you find out what franchise EA has lined up for your nearest cinema first."

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PwnShop3742d ago

Sims movie sweet, now i can pay money to spend two hours watching someone wake up, shower, eat, go to work, watch an empty house, come back home, eat dinner, watch TV, shower and go to sleep.

Awesomeo30003742d ago

um anyone want to explain to me how a sims movie would work are we gonna just watch people living their lives or is there going to be a god (user) just messing with people lol i dunno this all seems very stupid

LGFreedom3742d ago

Please no. NO. NO. NO. NO....