IGN AU: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Interview

IGN AU writes: "Spider-Man has had a pretty rocky history as far as videogames are concerned, and the last couple of years have not been encouraging. Spider-Man 3 missed the mark by a considerable margin, while the less said about Friend or Foe the better. With Web of Shadows, Spider-Man is in the hands of a new developer – Shaba Games – who is trying to reinvigorate the license by making combat more involved and spectacular, by improving the camera system, and by having an epic storyline that sees the city itself evolve over the course of the game, and with it the enemies Spidey faces. It all sounds – and looks - pretty promising, and we were fortunate enough to grab Chris Scholz, the studio head at Shaba, and Graham Fuchs, the senior executive producer on the game, for a chat to find out more."

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